7 Fun Facts of Custom Cake Boxes

Cake boxes are composed of cardboard, paperboard Kraft paper as well as corrugated and uncoated cardboard. They are eco-friendly and are therefore favored by nearly all. The ability to customize these boxes allows companies to personalize by their packaging, which will connect with the customer on an higher level. 

To present the business more effectively the boxes can be designed in any size, shape or shape as per the needs and with high-quality printing that improves the look of the boxes. The art of creating a stunning packaging is now affordable thanks to the availability wholesale suppliers offer the most competitive prices at lower costs without compromising on quality.

As with every other sector, the food and beverage industry, they use boxes for packaging their goods whether to display them or transport their products in a fun manner. Companies need to make use of special boxes for their cake packaging to capture the attention of their clients and potential clients by delivering their primary need for food, and in the most appealing manner.

Bakery products are among the most original products available due to their packaging, which includes decorative cakes, tasty, vibrant cupcakes, and more. These items require packaging that makes the product more attractive instead of hiding the product in a standard brown box, which takes the attention from the product.

The bakery business is filled with fun and imagination because of this, there is plenty of competition on the market and in order to outdo the competition and boost sales an ordinary box without the logo will not do.

Custom Bakery Packaging

Custom cake packaging is now available that can be customized with regard to dimensions, shape, color and designs as well as materials. The ability to customize has removed all obstacles that were hindering businesses from developing successful packaging. The customization options are endless you can make to your product that will make it more appealing in the sense of:

The Choice of Material:

The most popular material that is used to make cake packaging is cardboard, paperboard and Kraft cardboard boxes. You can pick the one that is most suitable for your requirements.

Unique Shapes:

Shapes provide a unique new twist to packaging, such as glass-like boxes with windows that is cut, sliding boxes boxtrays, containers that have the base for holding the product and interlocking flap boxes lid boxes, handles and more.


What else would be better than colors, logos, symbolisms, colors information, patterns or prints you prefer to design the packaging?
Packaging influences the image of the company , the product, and can influence the purchase choices of customers.

1. Bakery Packaging Comes With an Exciting History

The material used to create cake packaging is sweet and sour, and has a rich story behind. In the past food products were designed to be packed into treated mulberry bark before the idea spread across the globe beginning with China. The idea of customizing started through a sweet incident that occurred in a factory in Brooklyn. A worker had set the paper-making machine at the incorrect setting because of which the machine accidentally began cutting the paper, instead of creasing the sheets. This resulted in the cutting as well as creasing process in just one step. Because of that, today we have boxes that are custom to meet our needs for packaging.

2. Shapes Like No Other

Custom-designed cake boxes are constructed out of cardboard, which can be really enjoyable and interesting to make amazing shapes such as cube boxes, round boxes and hexagonal ones windows cut out of shapes, and whatever else shape you want. Die cutting has created it feasible to make sturdy and robust boxes with exciting and creative dimensions that create an overwhelming emotion in customers.

3. Sizes

The customization process has resulted in a dramatic transformation in the way that products are packaged, especially food items were placed in the same boring brown boxes since the age of. The way of packing has altered and now there are custom-designed boxes made of paper or Kraft paper which can be made to the dimensions required for an specific product instead of imposing the similar box for each product. Boxes for cakes can be customized in accordance with the dimensions of the cakes which will give a perfect experience to the product.

4. Be Fun by incorporating the designs

The most exciting and imaginative aspect of custom cake boxes is the design aspect. There is no limit or limitation when it comes to creating an appealing box that provides personalization of the containers. The latest printing technology allows clients to obtain printing of any design and color with total precision and clarity. It doesn’t matter how complex or simple your idea is. Customized cakes boxes can be made in colorful packaging such as contrast colors, pastel or a variety of shades, with stunning illustrations, images or animations. Name or logo of the company aid in establishing the brand’s image in the marketplace.

5. Glitter & Sparkles

It is the one item that is guaranteed to be a success and that is glitter. Custom-designed boxes don’t have to be limited to conventional boxes but everything is dependent on the imagination of the buyer. Cake boxes can have an extremely sparkling and glittery appearancewith the aid of laminates. It’s a covering made of plastic that can be made in various colors like matte or glossy and also in a glossy, tinted or glittery plastic sheets. It is possible to create stunning gift boxes for your beloved ones.

6. Add-Ons

It’s not impossible in the creation of amazing packaging due to the flexibility of customizing and advanced technology. For your boxes to have the extra edge that draws the attention of your people who see them first, it is essential to put something unique on your boxes that your competition doesn’t have. It is possible to find ways to decorate your regular boxes with handles that are not just elegant, but also are extremely convenient for carrying and handling the box without hassle. Custom-made companies provide customized tags, stickers and tapes that can be utilized to improve the look of boxes.

7. Interactive Packaging

Interactive packaging refers to the variety of design or shape of boxes that help keep the consumers interested in the box. Customized boxes will give you the most appealing packaging, and give your customers with the most enjoyable experience when they unbox including puzzles, questionnaires inside the box, boxes with pop-ups or any other item that requires adequate attention and requires actions.

The paper packaging is effective enough to meet all requirements, of safety and presentation, as it is what is most important when it comes to bakery products. Some minor tweaks here and there could create boxes that are unique and extraordinary.

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