7 Ways Impact Windows Benefit You and Your House

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Living in Miami is a dream for those in love with a year-long warm and pleasant climate and an enviable social life. However, being a resident of Magic City comes with dealing with tropical storms and hurricanes that can potentially wreck your house. This is why most residents here opt for either hurricane shutters or impact windows for their homes. While shutters cost lesser than impact windows in Miami, the latter has seven benefits that make it worth the investment.  

Improved protection

Impact windows are made of several layers of glass and synthetic materials. Therefore, they offer better protection against projectiles during a hurricane or cyclone, as shattering and penetration are harder. Furthermore, it is also a great shield against burglary attempts, keeping you and your family safe.

Aesthetic appeal

When you used shutters during a hurricane, you are left in the dark, especially when the electricity is out. Afterward, you will also need to remove it manually. With impact windows, you don’t have to worry about this and enjoy its aesthetic appeal even during a storm.

Install once

As mentioned in the last point, you will need to put and remove hurricane shutters each time there is a warning. However, anyone who has lived in Florida long enough knows not all predictions come true. Therefore, shutters become inconvenient, unlike impact windows, which only need to be installed once.

Energy efficiency

As seasons change, our electricity bills go up for different reasons. In winters, it is the heater, while summers call for increased AC usage. When you have impact windows, your house remains insulated from the outside temperature, saving you money.

UV protection

Floridians experience a lot of direct sunlight in a year. When exposed to direct sunlight, the artwork and upholstered furniture may sustain some damage over time. They may get discolored or faded. Impact windows filter and blocks UV rays, leading to better protection for your valuables.

Discount on premiums

Many insurance companies recognize impact windows as effective windstorm protection systems that offer year-long protection to the house. This is something shutters cannot provide as they need to be removed. Therefore, with impact windows, you stand to get a discount on insurance premiums.

Noise reduction

If you live near a high-traffic area or an intersection, noise pollution must be a familiar friend (or foe). With impact windows, you can bid adieu to all the noise as it reduces the outside sounds entering the house.


Hurricanes are a familiar problem for all Floridians. They can be rather destructive, and your house requires adequate protection. Both shutters and impact windows can offer just that. However, the latter has the edge due to the yearlong protection it offers, as it doesn’t need to be removed like hurricane shutters.

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