7 Ways To Improve Their Website Domain Authority

Domain authority plays a pivotal role in deciding a website’s success in terms of effective SEO results. The higher the domain authority, the higher the traction will be from the search engines. For those who don’t know, domain authority is a metric made up of several factors that determine the authenticity and authority of a website. The score for domain authority goes from 0 to 100 — the higher the number, the higher the authority will be.

So, it’s important to increase the domain authority especially when the website is just launched. In this article, we will have a look at the top seven ways to improve the website’s domain authority.


The domain authority metric is huge and to start with, you need to fix all the technical issues. You need to run a comprehensive technical audit of your website and check if there are any issues. You can start with mobile responsiveness, the site’s loading speed, and so on. Along with this, you make sure you have done the on-page optimization correctly so that the search engines are able to crawl your website in an efficient manner. 

You can use any SEO tool to scan your site and find out areas that need improvements. Once you fix all the issues and perform on-page optimization, it will help you improve the domain authority. It’s the first step toward DA.


The second most important factor that impacts the overall domain authority is the off-page profile of the website. How many quality backlinks your website has will decide how higher the domain authority will be. To start with this process, start building quality backlinks for your website and never try to purchase or exchange links. Google and other search engines are quite smart to detect that and put a penalty. 

So, it’s better to follow the standard backlink creation process and keep adding quality links to your profile. It’s a gradual and long-term process however, it gives good results and helps you drive more quality traffic. 


On-page SEO is different from the technical aspect of the site and you need to work both of them. In SEO services, you need to keep a regular track of Google Search Console and check how the site is performing in terms of crawl ability and indexing. On this platform, you will get a lot of insights into technical details. If you notice any errors in the console, consider fixing them on an urgent basis. 

When you run your website with zero technical errors, search engines give higher priority as it adds more value to the customer experience.


Mobile-friendliness is a major ranking signal and it improves your website’s domain authority in a significant manner. As the majority of people use their smartphones to access the Internet, it has become mandatory to optimize for them and gain more traction. Use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool to check whether the site has any issue in the mobile version. If the tool is giving you suggestions for improving the performance, you can implement them as well.


An average website loads within three seconds and if it fails to do so, it drastically increases the bounce rate. To improve domain authority, improve the website’s loading speed by minifying all the unnecessary resources. The faster the site loads, the more improved user experience it delivers to the audience. Use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to check the speed and improvement suggestions. 


If you are not active on social media, it’s high time to do so and start interacting with your customers and potential customers. Social signals are also a major part of ranking factors and they can help you grow the overall DA. Encourage your customers to drop reviews for your brand, tag the company in their social media posts and talk about the company. But doing this, search engines get positive social signals and it boosts the domain authority. 


This is the key rule you need to keep in mind while working towards improving the domain authority. Growing the DA takes time, effort, and a lot of planning — in short, there is no short track to gain a good DA of 60 or 70 or even more. You need to keep practicing these activities and you will start getting results from the activities you are doing. 

These were the top seven ways to improve the DA of your site and thrive online. If you don’t have an in-house SEO team, it’s better you hire a professional company that can handle everything for you. These professionals will help you save both time and money while generating results from SEO.

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