7 Ways to Look Amazing in Plain White Shirts

White is a universal color. It looks great on everyone no matter whether they’re fair or dusky. The fashion industry might change the way it wants but whites will always be a part of it. If you are someone who believes in a simple and minimal wardrobe you must invest in some must-have that is some staples. One such staple piece of clothing that can never be replaced in a men’s wardrobe by any other garment is a plain white shirt. You can style the white shirt for men the way you want as it is the perfect canvas to create a stunning ensemble for any occasion.

Let us take a look at 7 ways you can look amazing in a plain white shirt.

The everyday look

One of the oldest tricks in the look book is jeans with a plain white shirt. This look has tipped the scale in-between looking cool and sophisticated. No matter whether you are choosing a pair of distressed skinny jeans or wear a slightly more polished iteration with an indigo denim boot cut, this look will never fail you. This look is all about keeping it simple but if you want to capture the devil it is in the detail. A button-down collar shirt is perfect for almost any event. If you are going to a party, opt for denim that is well-built and is stiff.

Get ready to make the red carpet

When wearing a suit it is tough not to wear a white shirt. As mentioned above it is the perfect blank canvas for a tie and pocket square. The edginess of the look is in finding the perfect shirt. Finding the perfect white shirt is like finding a needle in the haystack. There are several options to choose from and everything will make you overwhelmed. Here are a few tips to make the selection less daunting. The first thing that you have to know is the type of cut that you are going for. Any outfit that is perfectly fitting should make movement comfortable and fit well in the neck. The next thing that you have to look for in the shirt is the cuff and the collar of the shirt. A French cuff shirt with a semi-cut away collar will work wonders when you are pairing with a suit. With a white shirt, you can go for a suit of any color.

Want to hang out with friends?

Is there anything summer enough compared to that of a white linen shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts? You can mention this look like a summer staple. This look with the plain white shirt is a timeless ensemble. The linen that you are choosing has to be of high quality. Go for something like French linen. The linen shirt also provides a lot of opportunities to play with details.

Chinos and linen is a great combo

A branded white shirt for men and a chino can make a world of difference by taking a dull and boring workday ensemble to something special. An oxford button-down shirt with a pair of olive green pants is a deadly combo that will never go out of beat. The simplicity and versatility of the chino pants offer endless opportunities to play with trouser styles and patterns. This is an opportunity to try out something like pinstripe or dabble and make a bold statement.

Denim and white shirt

Denim jacket and white shirt are two timeless classic pieces of clothing that will never go out of trend. Now blend both of the timeless pieces of clothing and be amazed at how this classic clothing can make you look cucumber. A denim jacket will add the edge to the outfit.

The formal ensemble

To attend a formal meeting with some clients makes a great first impression there is no better option than a white shirt and suit. A white oxford shirt is more than perfect to create this look. If you are meeting some important clients, you can go fancy with a blazer. If you like to play things simple, pair the white shirt with a black or grey tie and black trousers. This look is good to go to any office meeting.

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White shirt and the perfect shoes

The shoe that you wear with the white shirt has the power to add the extra wow factor. For a party at night, a white shirt with white sneakers is a perfect choice. You can experiment with shoes like loafers, boat shoes or formal leather shoes in the shoe department

Bottom line

A white shirt in a men’s wardrobe is like bread and butter in the kitchen. If you know the fit, you can buy white shirts online that are of high quality and construction.


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