8 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies In 2021

For the last five years, marketing or promoting the brand over Facebook has completely transformed. And by transformed, I meant in a powerful and more effective way. Yes, Facebook marketing has grown into another level that brands and marketers have never thought of before. 

From selling products, reaching target audiences, building trust, and managing customer relationships, Facebook marketing has become a boon of marketing strategies and get everything done for marketers with a one marketing approach. 


No matter if you are a large or small company, Facebook is a must marketing tool that one should utilize in this highly competitive era. 

If you are looking for ways to stand out from other competitors, check these 7 given Facebook marketing strategies that you must follow this year. 

So without making a delay, start exploring their awesome Facebook Marketing strategies!

#1 User-Generated Content 

Another trending Facebook marketing approach that you can use in 2021 is to collect user-generated content. 

It is a type of content that is created by your customers or fans voluntarily, featuring the brand and its products without any sponsorship. 

You can integrate this content into your Facebook marketing by collecting UGC from mention, tagging your Facebook page in the post. 

Moreover, you can also use Facebook UGC to promote on your website. How? Embed Facebook feed on the website with Facebook widget

Many brands and businesses update their website content by embedding UGC from social media content. 

Hence you can collect UGC from Facebook and embed it on your business website as well as repost it on your Facebook page. 

#2 More Video & Visual Content

Images are a great deal to tell customers about your product or service, but a video can explain your product or service in much more detail that an image cannot do. 

It is said that an image can speak a thousand words but a video describes a thousand more words. 

This is highly beneficial for e-commerce brands or businesses who want to make higher conversions. 

Your Facebook page should be designed very well and consist of a well-ration of images, videos, and other graphics. 

As videos are the trending content in Facebook marketing, they must be in a game-plan of your Facebook marketing. 

#3 Personalization and Optimization Of Facebook Content

Instead of buy, buy, buy content, you will avail extreme marketing benefit if you acquire a personalization approach into your marketing. 

People like to hear and comprehend those things easier with which they can relate themselves. 

For this, you need to create content that directly touches your audience problem and give an effective solution that they are accessible to them. 

Optimize your Facebook Timeline content and design its flow that users can easily engage and look for more to find their solutions. 

Don’t forget to give it a personalized touch as per your targeted audience. It will help in making your Facebook Page compelling as well as reach more people who are looking for generic content instead of a professionally designed one.  

#4 Chatbots For Customer Connection

Customers like to reach businesses or brands directly and want to get an instant response. Due to the active digitalization and global reach of social media platforms. 

Your customers can contact you at any time of the day whenever they face a problem or are looking for a solution. Thus you have to find a potent way so that your customers can easily reach you regardless of time and distance. 

For this, Chatbots or talk bots are great innovations by Artificial Intelligence for online marketing, connecting brands to customers and giving them instant solutions without any need of a chatbot operator.  

#5 Post Frequent Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are an essential part of content marketing over social media in this contemporary marketing world. 

Facebook Stories can be a great content marketing tool to update your customers about your brand. Especially millennials and the younger generation like to connect with the short and attractive content.

You only require to take a snap or post a small clip from the video and upload it on your Facebook stories. 

It is a powerful tool to help you increase your brand awareness and reach your content to an audience who wants to connect with your marketing content. 

#6 Sell Through Social Commerce

Selling and purchase journeys always consist of social touch from ancient times. People like to buy those products that they have found with their friends, family members, neighbours, or if any others suggest them. 

Facebook has introduced a social commerce feature allowing brands to sell their products directly from a Facebook post by tagging products and giving a buy button with product details.

As customers spend most of the time on social media platforms, especially millennial, you can leverage your sales and revenues by integrating social commerce into your Facebook marketing strategy. 

#7 Influencer Marketing

People like to hear from their favourite celebrity or popular public figure about a product, services, or how they are maintaining their lifestyle. 

Influencer increases the scope of your product or service reach and influences your target audience to buy your product or service. 

Your customers are inclined to believe and fascinate with the content that their favourite influencer is telling about. So to promote your brand over Facebook, you can hire top influencers for more effective marketing. 

Wrapping Now

You might have got a better idea about Facebook marketing strategies that are highly popular and result-driven in 2021. 

Adopting changes is the crucial aspect of marketing, brands cannot miss a single chance of promoting their product and services among the targeted audience. 

So use these above mentioned Facebook Marketing strategies in your marketing and find the right approach to reach your paying customers. 

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