8 essential features you must incorporate in your Uber-like App

Have you lately been thinking of developing an app like Uber? As the on-demand taxi-hailing app has completely revamped the tax services, it has given rise to similar apps like Uber. If your dream is to build an app like Uber, it is necessary that you have in mind the most essential features for your app. People all around the world are turning to make use of taxi-hailing apps for easy and hassle-free movement without having to worry about parking issues, waiting for buses, and having an end-time rush. As the demand for taxi-hailing apps is rising all over the world, it is essential to determine the requirements for developing an on-demand app that provides a sense of fulfillment to its users.

Below listed are some of the most essential features you shouldn’t miss out while developing your own Uber-like app: 

1- Map & location integration 

Smooth-running trips and location features will act as a backbone for your taxi-hailing app. You need to harness the power of GPS monitoring and Google maps to help the drivers find the user’s exact location and reach them by catching the best route. Without this critical feature, the driver may need directions from the users over the phone, which may be inefficient and may require much more time. Integration maps and a GPS monitoring system will ensure that the drivers get a precise pickup location, find the best route, and reach the desired location in a hassle-free manner. It will also help your app to calculate the total distance covered and the time taken to complete the trip. Google maps will help drivers navigate all roads without the passenger’s support to reach the spot. 

2- Payment integration 

Users are always looking for hassle-free payment options while using any app. This is why in-app payment is one of the key features you must incorporate in your uber-like app. As more and more people are turning to online payment these days, you should have online payment or card payment right through the application. Having Integrated payment systems in your app will help passengers automate the payment process and make payments easily. While Integrating payment methods, you must also consider which gateways you can use for further sophistication that leads to better customer experience. 

3- Fare calculator

Consumers are always looking for the estimated fare associated with each ride type and thus, you must have a fare calculator that calculates the fare based on your base fare, distance, and time and give an estimated fare to the customers. Putting up the fare calculator in an uber-like app would ensure that your customers have higher satisfaction and better reviews of your app on the app store. It is also a great way to negate all possible misunderstandings and disruptions between passengers and drivers on the completion of the trip. Soon after the ride is completed, the drivers and users can see the total bill generated with all the details right in the app. 

4- Real-time ridesharing

As the safety concerns are rising, the taxi-hailing apps are adding more safety features to their app. Allowing the ride-sharing functionality in your Uber-like app is a great way to ensure the user’s safety and win their trust. Through this feature, the users can share their current ride details, let someone else keep an eye on the driver’s route, and ensure that the passenger has arrived safely at home. This is a great feature for users who are new to a particular town or are not familiar with the driving route of the driver. 

5- Ratings 

The rating feature allows your customers to provide ratings after the ride completion, it allows you to gauge their ride experience. Thus, to develop a successful uber-like app you should set up a review mechanism that rates the driver, car, route, and even the driver’s behavior. As the users will give honest feedback on their ride, it gives you a chance to further improve your app and encourage other people to use your app. This also leads to better operations and have a better understanding of the business loopholes and weak areas. 

6- “Favorite” destinations 

Many users have the same pick-up and drop locations to places where they often visit. 

If users want to pick the same destinations in the future, they can save their preferred destinations as “favorites” instead of typing the same destination again and again when they book a ride from your app. This allows easy booking via taxi app and planning the rides quite rapidly. This feature can significantly enhance the rider’s overall booking experience with your ride-hailing app.

7- Ride booking history 

While developing the user’s app, you should have a “Ride-booking history” feature in the app that allows the users to check all their past ride records. Simultaneously, this travel history feature should also be included in the driver app that helps both to check the details of the trip whenever necessary (pickup location, drop location, total fare, date, etc). It also provides important information to users for reference while dealing with any lodging complaints.


8- Multiple drop-off destinations 


Uber and several similar apps now allow multiple drop-off destinations within their app. This is useful when more than one passenger rides in the cab and may have different places to go. This way, while booking the cab, the users can add a new destination and the fare is calculated accordingly. This will help users to travel together, save money on rides, and reach their desired location without having to book another taxi or cab. 

Apart from all the above-mentioned features, you can incorporate several other features to your taxi-hailing app including push up notifications, pooling options, referral programs, coupons, among others. As you hire an android developer or hire an iOS developer, you can discuss your requirements in detail and get the best app rolling out!

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