9 Tips to Create Unique Sticker Designs

Whether you are attempting to sell your products or market others, stickers are a great way to get the word around. You can also use stickers for packaging, labeling product information, events and campaigns, etc. Apart from this, users can give stickers as gifts. They can stick them on their phone cases and bags – as an everyday use.

So, if you’re thinking of starting a sticker business, it’s a lucrative option. It’s not just about silly stickers that teenagers and kids put on their phones and laptops. With an online sticker design tool, your business can provide lucrative services to big brands.

Wondering how you can achieve a huge milestone for your sticker business? With creative designs that would sell and speak brand.

Here’s how to create such great designs.

Make it Simple

You can’t tell the world everything with a sticker. You can make a sticker brochure to provide complete details. However, you can’t complicate the sticker, no matter how big the size is. People won’t have time to read everything on the sticker that they see for a few seconds.

Whether you design it yourself or let your customers design using the sticker design software, make sure to keep it simple. You can even suggest the same to your customers designing their stickers.

Try Different Shapes

For designing stickers, you can opt for circles and squares. They are the typical choices and also funky and business-looking.

So if you want to draw more customers, go with something unique. It may be helpful, especially if your brand colors are not bright.

Also, make sure that stickers don’t have a harmful impact on the environment. So provide biodegradable stickers.

Limit the Detail

A brand name/design is enough on a sticker if you want to stand out. Stuffing more on that small piece would only worsen the situation. For example, you’re promoting your new product – a kid’s doll. If you add animated images of the doll, name of the doll, your company logo on that tiny sticker that kids would stick on their book cover and bags won’t make sense. It will only add up to the mess. Your main idea or the details may be left out. So ensure that it’s not left out.

Sometimes, restaurants also create a mess. While creating big stickers to promote their new dishes, they mess up by focusing more on logo and name, mentioning delivery services, delivery time, etc. They forget that it’s about the new dish.

Resonate Colors with your Brand

If you’re designing stickers for fun, then colors don’t matter that much. On the other hand, if you’re making it for a business like Starbucks, you need to make sure that colors and style resonate with the brand. The stickers won’t have the brand name on them, but they’ll create a tremendous association. So, make sure the stickers reflect the brand name/logo.

Stickers should always have three elements in them. It should attract the audience, reflect brand identity, and match brand colors.

Make the Text Readable

The best bet to provide unique stickers is to avoid text altogether. However, if you’ve decided to add text, make sure that it’s super large. Also, cut it short – on small stickers, add five words at max.

Capitalize all the words in the text, like in the Snapchat sticker pack.

Add Contact Details

Stickers should be fun and appealing. But they should also suffice the reason for using stickers for marketing.

Some companies may want the stickers to promote their services or products, and they may want to add detail for customers to contact them. Or you may want to add your contact details to the sticker.

So, make sure while designing for your customers that you leave a place to add your details – a website address, a social media handle, QR code, etc. Anything that could make them find a way to reach you would be good enough.

Use the CMYK Color Scheme

If you’re going to provide custom designs and sticker prints to the customers, you need to change the color range from RGB to CMYK. The reason is that printing solutions use these four colors to print. RYB colors won’t provide better prints.

Explain Standards to Manufacturer
Once the custom designs are ready, you’ll have to print it. Quality may also differ based on the manufacturer. So, you need to consider all these before sending out the designs to the manufacturer. It would be easy to match the specifications rather than finding another manufacturer who’ll pay for your designs.

It would be a tough job, but discussing it beforehand will help you define cost and quality.

Test the Vinyl First

Often we focus so much on designing that we forget about the sticker quality. The great sticker consists of two things – creative artwork and a vinyl sticker.

Hence, check the quality before buying. If possible, ask for samples and test them out – the wear and tear, etc.

The simplest way to test it is to stick it on your phone case and let it be for the time being. If you’re short on time, simply rub the sticker against the hard surface. You will get the results.


Use a Sticker Design Software

It would give you and your customers authority over their ideas. Also, an online sticker designer tool will make designing easy unless you’re pro at using designing tools like Photoshop Illustrator.

While choosing one, make sure the tool is simple and easy to use. It should have a huge library consisting of clipart, fonts, stickers, etc. Most importantly, it should be compatible with your eCommerce website. Or you can find one that’s compatible with all the platforms.

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