This Cold Steel Tanto Knife Will Never Flinch

For a relatively young company, Cold Steel is pretty remarkable for the fact that it has so many different types of tools, and different patterns of knives for sale as well. What’s even more impressive is the quality that they can build into some of their knives – with Cold Steel, serious quality comes with not so serious prices.

You can look at buying a tactical knife or a survival knife like this. If you make a wise choice, you’ll only make a purchase once in your life, and that knife will long outlast you. Only knives and tools that get the roughest of use and abuse flag, and even then, sometimes one lifetime isn’t enough to force them to give up the ghost.

Take that approach, and then you can hear what we have to say about a Cold Steel tanto knife that will simply take your appreciation for quality and durability to a new level. Cold Steel’s Magnum Tanto XII with a San Mai blade is just hard to top. This thing is an absolute beast.

San Mai refers to an old Japanese process of creating knife steel that has differential hardness at the edge and at the sides and spine. With the San Mai process, two steels are forge welded together, typically one with a higher carbon content is wedged into the center of a divot in a billet of softer steel. These two are then forge welded together, and the softer steel is folded down around the sides of the former. After heat treating, the result is a knife with a harder edge and a softer spine.

This is valuable in nearly any knife simply because the hard steel at the edge affords superior edge retention, whereas the softer spine will allow the knife to absorb shock. It also makes the blade tougher and harder to break or crack, a huge deal with a knife that is going to be used roughly.

Also, the tanto profile of this knife gives an immense amount of strength to the point of the blade, making tip break-off less likely, even with hard penetrating tasks or even digging. When you pair that with a gently swept belly with almost a full foot of cutting edge, you have a wildly versatile tool that can serve everything from hunting to survival to tactical applications.

With a black Kray-Ex handle and a secure polymer sheath, this overall package redefines the standard for combat knives, but also for fixed blades everywhere. You might not see hunters carrying a knife like this, but it wouldn’t serve them ill to do so. Once again, as always, Cold Steel has upped the ante for players in the knife industry and around the world.

Now what you need to do is make some choices about what knife pattern is going to suit you the best for the purposes for which you intend to use it. If your only purpose is to add it to a collection, then have at it, but otherwise you’ll need to take some time to think about why you want a tanto pattern and how you will use it.

Then what you need to do is go out and find it at a great price, preferably from a vendor who also sells the other essentials that you need on a daily basis. Visit, where you will find this Cold Steel tanto knife and other Cold Steel products, along with a myriad of knives and tools for a variety of purposes.

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