A brief history of massage

A brief history of massage

Ancient manuscripts from India and China contain many references to the use of massage, it is also illustrated in paintings found in Egyptian tombs. Roman physicians valued its analgesic properties; in fact, it is known that Julius Caesar received regular massages to relieve neuralgia. The Greeks also attached great importance to massage. In the 5th century, Hippocrates recommended: “… a perfumed bath and an oil massage every day.”


In fact, massage of one kind or another has been widely used since the dawn of history and remains extremely popular. The teaching of its therapeutic properties is now included in nursing education. It is also widely used in the care of babies and the elderly, in hospices, health centers, pain clinics, and addiction units. Indian Massage in Tecom


Masseur Dubai Downing devised a massage treatment that we would now call “holistic.” His system took into account the whole person, not only the patient’s body but also his mental and emotional makeup. Downing’s methods have been copied and developed until today, some thirty years later, it is difficult to list all the different forms of massage available.


Complete relaxation, physical, mental, and emotional, is undoubtedly one of the main benefits of this therapy. Others include treating back and neck pain, promoting circulation, and alleviating insomnia and high blood pressure. It is also popular with athletes, dancers, and sportsmen, alleviating muscle fatigue experienced after prolonged physical activity. In fact, massage is almost a comprehensive treatment for almost any condition.


Can massage help you?


“Yes” is probably certainly the answer to this question. If you are suffering from any kind of stress or tension, the massage will at least alleviate your problems. It will relieve pain or discomfort in almost any part of the body and is a known remedy for depression and other emotional ailments.


However, massage cannot cure anything and must be taken into account. While it is true that even cancer patients often benefit from this therapy, it certainly will not eliminate the disease itself. Similar comments apply to all other diseases. Massage should be viewed as therapy and not as a potential cure.


As always, it is advisable to consult your doctor before receiving massage therapy. In some cases, this could make your condition worse.


On a lighter note, for obvious reasons, you should be wary of the numerous advertisements in the newspapers for “massage parlors” and friendly house calls. “What is presented here is not true. Type of massage considered in this article Make sure the doctor you select is well qualified and is a member of a reputable organization. Vietnam Massage in Al Barsha


Other types of massages


Basic massage, as it is normally administered, consists of rubbing, kneading, and stroking the client’s body with the hands. Some reputable professionals use other systems, for example using the feet and elbows in addition to the hands. Others have incorporated massage techniques into a variety of complementary therapies, like reflexology and shiatsu, for example. Anything can be beneficial and, in trained hands, it is perfectly safe.

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