A Complete Guide To Wedding Rings: Customs & More!!

When it comes to organizing your wedding, there are a lot of factors to take into account, like the locale, the guest list, the cake, and the bride’s attire. It might be simple to miss some of the smaller aspects, such as the wedding rings, when there are so many preparations to make. In favor of planning the more “urgent” components of the wedding day itself or items that need to be reserved well in advance like the venue and entertainment, many couples may wind up delaying this work until the very last minute.

Many couples also underestimate the time and thought needed to choose the ideal set of Diamond Wedding Rings; after all, if he can find the ideal engagement ring and execute the ideal proposal, shouldn’t the wedding band be a piece of cake? But this isn’t always the case. For starters, you’ll probably look for two ideal rings in this situation rather than just one!

We want to address wedding ring customs that have persisted for generations as well as the most frequently asked questions about wedding rings in this guide. Not to add, we intend to provide you with some professional guidance on how to select the ideal wedding band for both the bride and the groom. We’re here to assist you perfect every aspect of your choice, whether it’s a classic matching set for him and her or a unique wedding ring mix.

To easily find the response to a particular query, choose from the list of wedding ring FAQs below.

What do wedding bands represent?

When ought one to purchase engagement rings?

Where do wedding bands go on the finger?

How are your wedding rings worn?

Can diamonds be used in wedding bands?

Do guys need to wear wedding bands?

Are matching wedding bands required?

How can I locate the ideal wedding band or rings?

What do wedding bands represent?

The customs surrounding marriage may differ from country to country, but the wedding ring is a universally recognized symbol of enduring love, devotion, and faithfulness. It serves as a commitment on the part of the bride and groom to cherish and care for one another for the rest of their lives.

The wedding ring’s round form is a particularly visible representation of this: as it has no beginning or end, it conveys the sense that a married couple’s love is unending.

As couples customarily exchange rings while exchanging vows, the ceremony emphasizes the importance of the wedding band. After this meaningful conversation, there is no question about your unshakeable commitment to one another.

Wedding ring traditions demonstrate that the wedding band’s significance remains long after the wedding ceremony. A husband or wife may decide to continue wearing their wedding band for a very long time after the ceremony as a symbol of their unbreakable commitment and as a method to show their love for one another.

When Bought I to purchase my wedding bands?

When to buy your rings for the big day is the first wedding ring custom. As we previously indicated, unlike many other areas of wedding planning, the chore of purchasing your wedding rings does not have a defined timeframe. This does not, however, imply that it should be ignored until the very last moment! Even so, give yourself plenty of time to perfect every aspect, from choosing a style that flatters you to getting the appropriate size.

Even after you’ve found the right ring and had it perfectly sized, you should still allow extra time in case any last-minute modifications are required. You don’t want to get your wedding rings the day before the ceremony and discover that a name has been misspelled on the engraving… and you definitely don’t want to take the chance of finding the ring simply won’t fit when you get to the altar on the big day!

You can select your wedding rings at any stage of the planning process, but choosing them earlier will give you more time to deal with the more difficult decisions later on. Additionally, it allows you to take your time looking through potential fashion choices until you locate the one that is ideal for you. You want to make sure that the ring is flawless because you will wear it for the rest of your life.

In general, we advise starting your search for wedding bands at least 3 to 4 months beforehand. If you’re interested in bespoke or personalized wedding rings, give yourself more time. In any case, you should aim to have them prepared and ready to go a month before the big day!

Where do wedding bands go on the finger?

The third finger from the thumb, popularly known as the “wedding ring for women,” is where the wedding band has traditionally been worn. This finger also typically holds the engagement ring.

How to wear wedding rings

As we’ve mentioned, according to custom, wedding rings are typically worn on the left hand’s third finger from the thumb. But how can you wear it with your wedding band? Should you wear it alongside your wedding band? And what if you also wear an eternity ring?

The most common way to wear your wedding band is as follows, although it actually depends on your unique taste and style:

The bride temporarily switches her engagement ring to her right hand during the ceremony to make room on her left hand for the wedding band to be installed. The bride then places her wedding band on top of her engagement ring, almost as if to “seal” it.

How to find your perfect wedding ring

You may have a better notion of what you’re looking for now that you feel a little more knowledgeable about wedding ring customs.

We at Joshua James are ready to help you realize your dream, whether it be to design your very own unique wedding ring adorned with brilliant diamonds or to prefer a traditional matching pair of gold bands for him and her.

Below, you may look through our large selection of traditional, shaped, and diamond wedding bands.

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