A Guide to Adhesive Tapes

When we think about product packaging, adhesive tapes instantly come to mind. Packing tapes or adhesive tapes are a necessity in the packaging industry.

Historically speaking, adhesive tapes came into the industry around 1925. Ancient Egyptians used glue from beeswax and resin to hold woods together. Today, adhesive tapes are so famous not only for product packaging, but it has become a stationary essential in households.

What are Adhesive Tapes?

Adhesive tape is a combination of a sticky film and a material that seals cartons or fastens objects together. They are usually made from rolls of plastic film, cloth, paper, etc., and a coating of pressure-sensitive adhesive is layered on top. These adhesives usually stick without any heat or water. The quality of the tapes determines how well the glue sticks to the material.

There are double-sided adhesive tapes as well. Some of them are made environment-friendly using kraft paper as the base.

How are These Adhesive Tapes Made?

Packing tapes are made in a similar fashion as ribbons. Rolls of films are taken and coated with a layer of adhesives and then run through slitting machines to give various widths. After that, these films are rolled using a specific tension to provide a little stretch to the film. This creates elasticity. But the whole winding and slitting process is done with extreme care. Too much or too little pressure can comprise the quality of the tape.

What are The Benefits of Adhesive Tapes?

Pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are robust and can resist force for a considerable amount of time. There are some significant advantages of using these tapes rather than glue.

  • There isn’t much preparation needed for product packaging using adhesive tapes. Just make sure the external surface of the container is clean and moisture-less.
  • There aren’t any special tools needed for these tapes other than scissors. Some adhesive tapes can even be torn by hand. This is a more cost-efficient process.
  • Compared to sealants, these tapes are inexpensive.
  • They come in a uniform thickness giving an even bond throughout.
  • You can customise adhesive tapes from packaging companies according to your needs.
  • Tapes are super clean and easy to use than glue which can be messy.
  • Adhesive tapes work instantly—there is no waiting needed for drying or chemical reaction.

What are The Types of Adhesives Used in Packing Tapes?

Well, there are a number of adhesives that can be used in packing tapes. But pressure-sensitive tapes usually have rubber/ resin, synthetic rubber, acrylic, and silicone-based adhesive.

Rubber/Resin Adhesive

It is the most natural form of adhesive found in the market. It is also the least expensive one and has a high tack which can be missing in some other forms of adhesives. Rubber adhesives can also tolerate temperature change, but they cannot resist extremely high temperatures.

Acrylic Adhesives

These are very common as it is stable to oxidisation and ultraviolet rays. It is expensive than rubber adhesive. However, it isn’t as durable as resin adhesive.

Silicon-Based Adhesive

Silicon-based adhesives are extensively used in medical centres like hospitals, health care facilities, as it is safe to use against the skin. The electrical industry also uses these tapes. High flexibility and temperature resistance are the reasons why this tape has such a high market demand.

Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

It is mostly used in the packaging industry due to its high adhesion and extreme resistance against temperature, force, or compression. It is perfect for sealing cartons and heavy boxes.

How to Choose the Right Packing Tape?

For packaging companies, strong tapes are the guarantee of protecting the items. Sturdy adhesive tapes can help to seal the package thoroughly.

Tapes may seem a small thing to worry about, but nothing can beat the versatility, usability, and probability of packaging tapes. However, if you are investing in poor-quality tapes, it can be hazardous for your company.

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