A Snapshot of Bariatric Supplies

Beside the bariatric products that are designed as daily living aids, there are a large number of foods and other bariatric supplies that patients of bariatric surgery will need to seek out after weight loss surgery.

Having a plan in place before you undergo surgery will make adapting to your new lifestyle after the operation much easier, since you will need to make alterations to your daily habits and routines, including notably, to your diet.

Here are some of the bariatric supplies you’ll find when you shop online at BariatricEating.com. They offer others, but these are some of their banner categories.

Bariatric Protein Powder
For one thing, bariatric patients will need to adapt to a new diet immediately after surgery that will help them get in touch with their new needs. As a part of the post-op diet, there will be a full liquid phase during which the only acceptable foods will be liquids.

During this stage of the diet, bariatric patients typically take supplements and protein drinks to keep up their protein intake and their nutritional needs. Unfortunately, most bariatric protein shakes are flavorless, bland, and come with a terrible texture once mixed.

The difference between these and the protein powders offered by Bariatric Eating (BariatricEating.com) is that their proteins are delicious, with no off flavors (they’re even made with some natural flavors) and they mix up smoothly with nothing but water or milk.

Bariatric Meals 
Bariatric Eating also provides a range of Bariatric Meals that are formulated and apportioned specifically with the needs of bariatric patients in mind. Like their protein powders, these meals will impress you if you’re used to nothing more than plain, unseasoned chicken breast showing up on bariatric menus.

You’ll be surprised to see items like “Everything Bagel Flatbreads” and “Taco Time” on their list of hot meals for bariatric patients. They’re not just buzzwords or talk, either. In order to show up on their website, it has to pass their approval, which means it must be flavorful and satisfying as well as nutritious and well-developed.

Bariatric Snacks
Everyone needs a snack every once in a while, even as a part of a strict meal plan. Bariatric Eating doesn’t just provide dietary staples. They let you get a break with some of their bariatric snacks, including snacks and bars.

These are not your average bariatric snacks. Consider their options like “Cinnamon Iced Oatmeal Squares,” “Fudgy Brownies,” and “Peanut Butter Cups,” and you’ll forget you’re looking at a list of bariatric foods. That’s what sets Bariatric Eating apart. Their snacks are created with your nutritional needs in mind, but they go the extra mile and make sure the experience is delicious as well.

Bariatric Vitamins 
For better or for worse, bariatric patients need to take vitamins and supplements in order to prevent complications after surgery such as anemia or deficiencies in crucial vitamins or minerals like calcium.

These vitamins are usually an unpleasant reality of the lives of bariatric patients, but they don’t need to be. Just like not all bariatric protein powders are gritty and flavorless, not all supplements or vitamins are unpleasant either. Just visit Bariatric Eating’s page on vitamins and supplements to see for yourself.

All of these foods, snacks, and supplements come on top of other bariatric supplies like portion cups, portion plates, shakers, and more, all of which you can find at BariatricEating.com. If you want to learn more about how they create such impressively flavorful meals and recipes, or just to see what other supplies they offer that can make your new routine easier, visit their website or contact them today.

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