They have been applied by Yogi’s, Saints, Sages and Mystics in India, Nepal, China, and around Asia for balancing your thoughts, emotions and creating the proper atmosphere for relaxing and meditation actions to lead to the desirable goals in life. 


The Rudraksha Bead is a boon to maintain and wear because of it’s strong vibration which protects from all sorts of unwanted impacts and vitality. Additionally, it protects against radiation as well as also the stress emitted by contemporary technology.


It’s been revealed to impact around 100 metres round, protecting the wearer and surroundings from many sorts of energy. This radiance of energy is very felt in the home or at which you mainly keep the Rudraksha.


You’ll start to see a feeling of calmness and after some time, less disturbances inside the surroundings,that is extremely valuable for meditation, research and areas requiring great attention or focus. Ideally Rudraksha is worn in any way times or kept near the epidermis, it’s a sacred seed which emits a powerful protective power, allowing the wearer to achieve their higher potential.




For generations people did just this, and made their living from it, but it was a sacred responsibility of supplying it to individuals. However, when the requirement became so much because of their powers, trade came in. Shivoham Malas are sourced via a trusted family, that has, for generations sourced, shared and cleaned these enchanting gifts in the Himalayas. Our extensive procedures and blessing ceremony guarantee the reverance and respect in Shiva for you is honoured and maintained.




Amongst several among the very reputable and Well-known research papers was released by Neeta Singhal  of the CEo of Rudraksha Ratna.


Neeta Singhal ‘s research verified the healing powers of Rudraksha beads stream out of their electro-magnetic properties. When Rudraksha beads are put over the center, they act to stabilize the heart rhythm. Blood flow and heart rhythm automatically cause a magnetic field around the human body and especially the center area. Essentially, Rudraksha beads help contribute to the renowned”relaxation response” which will be the ultimate aim of meditation.




We utilize the Rudraksha in the perfect hand, and replicate one headline per bead, putting from the seed that the vibration of liberation which is subsequently retained together (through the beads) constantly irrespective of where our thoughts might reside.


The longer it is used and worn for meditation (to replicate mantra) the stronger it becomes, continuously emitting a constructive and pure vibration which hastens the energy of another surroundings and neutralising the thoughts of other people. 



Normally the distinct planetary constellations have a direct influence on the feelings of each person. It’s not uncommon for physicians to state the entire moon nights are an extremely active time in crisis and they fear a complete moon over a weekend or vacation since so many individuals are attracted in. To get a religious man this can work in their favour if handled in the perfect way, offering higher chances for religious transformation and growth.


There are numerous subtle yet strong influences that govern our own lives we may or might not know of, however looking back we could see there have been a number of cases where we lost control of our emotions and reactions in some specific conditions. If our feelings run rampant we’re privy to unfavourable results. To harmonise the power in oneself, and shield against the changeable nature of earth and world Yogis have constantly supported the use and wearing of Rudraksha.


Wearing Rudraksha slowly releases oneself by the changing feelings and protects against psychic disturbances, to be talented a Rudraksha is a superb blessing and indication of good fortune.


Rudraksha Malas


Traditionally, a mala has 108 beds and a single, the bindu or ace beads. There always has to be a bindu into the mala, otherwise the power gets cyclical, the Bindu beads channels the power back in the japa mala and provides advantage of the favorable energy to the wearer. A mala is something which may be worn all of the time.


Benefits of Wearing a Rudraksha mala


Rudraksha Mala is a really beneficial service since it produces a cocoon of your energy. It harmonises any surroundings around you so you feel comfortable, relaxed and readily able to express yourself.


Rudraksha is a defense against damaging energies

It’s also a guard against negative energies. It’s possible for a few people to use damaging energies to cause injury to somebody else, or there might be an extremely terrible energy at a location in which you reside or work. A rudraksha is a type of guard against this and prevents you from feeling the ill effects of almost any surroundings, person or situation.


The amount of confronts a bead could have changes from one face around 21 faces. Five-faced beads or panchmukhi is secure and good for everybody. It’s for overall health, health and liberty.


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