Activated Carbon Market competition information and tracking reports by 2020-2027

The global Activated Carbon market is forecasted to be worth USD 14.07 Billion by 2027, according to a current analysis by Emergen Research. The market is being driven by its wide application in the medical or pharmaceutical sectors. The activated carbon is used as an adsorbent to reduce the pollutants produced during the manufacture of drugs.

Activated carbon is a very good adsorbent and has a high specific surface area, which is applicable for mercury emission, which will foster the demand for the product in emission control applications. The environmental regulations to lower the mercury emissions from anthropogenic sources will favor the demand for the market.

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Key Highlights From The Report

In November 2020, AquaShield launches Philips Water GoZero, a new category of Philips-branded hydration products focused on transforming how people consume water. The product makes it possible for consumers to sustainably enjoy clean and refreshing drinking water on the go from both natural sources and tap.

Granular activated carbon (GAC) is a proven option for the removal of certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals, from water. GAC filters also remove chemicals that give objectionable tastes or odor to water, such as chlorine or hydrogen sulfide.

Coal-based activated carbon is considerably used in portable water purification, which is a major application end-use. The segment is forecasted to grow with a significant CAGR during the period 2020-2027.

In the automotive industry, activated carbon is used for the control of emissions, which removes VOCs and enhances the quality of cabin air. It is also used to create electrodes for supercapacitors. Automotive cabin air filters purify air to reduce the odors using activated carbon filter pads.

Europe held a significant share due to stringent regulations, environmental concerns, and government initiatives to safeguard the environment. The economic scenario of the country is affecting the demand for the market.

Key participants include Cabot Corporation, Kuraray Co. Ltd., Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., Calgon Carbon Corporation, Kureha Corporation, Silcarbon Aktivkohle GmbH, Oxbow Activated Carbon LLC, Prominent Systems Inc., Boyce Carbon, and Donau Carbon GmbH, among others.

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