Advantage and disadvantages of personalised employment pass Singapore

Working in a first world country has been a dream of many people who lived in developing countries. That is because the job they had in their home country has a higher-pay counterpart in the first world countries. If they are working as a manager in their home country, they can get a higher salary if they work as a manager in a first world country. That is why people aspire to get a work visa to be able to work in countries like Singapore.

Singapore welcomes foreigners to work in their country. That is because many corporations and businesses are established in the country each year. However, they do implement some strict regulations when it comes to foreign workers. The first rule is that they must have a work visa. One of the most flexible and professional tire work passes that they issue is the personalised employment pass. In this article, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of being a personalised employment pass Singapore holder.


#1 – Not bound to one employer

The biggest advantage the PEP work visa has over other work passes in Singapore is it isn’t bound to a single employer. Most work permits require employer sponsorship. This is because the employer is the one who will apply for the work passes on behalf of the employee. However, that is not the case with the personalised employment pass Singapore application.

With the PEP, you have the freedom to explore and pursue your desired employment opportunity. You can switch jobs and employers without having to apply for another work visa. All you need to do is submit a PEP notification form to the Ministry of Manpower if there are employment changes.

#2 –  Stay unemployed for six months

Aside from not being tied to a single employer, a personalised employment pass Singapore holder can remain unemployed for six months. Other work visas require the candidate to secure a job in Singapore first before they apply for an employment visa. However, if you are a PEP holder, you can apply first then go to Singapore to find a job. 

#3 – Qualified for the dependent’s privilege

If you have a family of your own, you can bring them to Singapore with you. That is because a personalised employment pass Singapore holder can apply for a Dependent’s Pass. This is applicable for their married partner and children below the age of 21. If they are a common-law couple, the PEP holder can apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass. This is also the case if you want to bring in your parents or stepkids to Singapore. Thus, if you plan to bring your family along, the PEP is the work visa that you should get.


#1 – Not applicable for some jobs 

Not everyone can apply for the personalised employment pass Singapore visa. One of those that aren’t eligible is the Employment Pass holders who got their work visa under a sponsorship scheme. Freelancers or workers on a freelance basis are not permitted to get the PEP. Other ineligible foreign workers for the PEP include journalists, editors, sub-editors, and producers. Anyone that has business ownership that is registered with ACRA is also not allowed to get a PEP. These exceptions are made because there is a specific work visa for these types of jobs. Business owners, in particular, are required to get an Entrepreneur Pass instead.

#2 – Non-renewable

Another disadvantage of the personalised employment pass Singapore visa is that it can only be issued once. This means that this work visa is non-renewable. A PEP can only be valid for up to three years. Afterward, the foreign worker should apply for either an Employment Pass (EP) or Permanent Resident (PR) status if he or she wishes to stay longer in Singapore. However, take note that there are requirements and eligibility criteria that you need to pass to get an EP work visa or a PR status. 

#3 – High minimum salary requirement

Since the personalised employment pass Singapore has a lot of great benefits, the requirements to obtain this are a lot stricter. A PEP candidate is required to earn a minimum annual salary of S$144,000. Furthermore, they are required to declare their annual salary each year they spent working in Singapore. This should be done within 30 days of the end of the calendar year. Failing to do so will only lead to work pass complications. This means that your work visa may be held or invalidated depending on the severity of the issue.

The personalised employment pass Singapore visa has its benefits and drawbacks. However, it is still one of the most less constricted work visas in the country. Furthermore, being a PEP holder allows you to become eligible for the Singapore permanent resident status. Thus, if you are aiming to live permanently in Singapore, the PEP is a good work pass to have. 

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