.AE vs .SA Domains: Which Country Code Top-Level Domains is the best?

Are you confused about which country code top-level domains to use in the UAE whether .AE or .SA Domains?

You’re not by yourself! There are hundreds of small businesses in the UAE. Hence, people are wondering the same thing.


Isn’t it all about location, location, location?

That is why we created this helpful post on a country code top-level domain. Why is it significant? What exactly is it .AE versus .SA Domains: Which Is Better? What is the best domain to use?

Are you prepared to purchase a domain in the UAE?


About Country Code Top-Level Domains

Most people are familiar with top-level domains such as.com, .net, and.org. Take, for example, navicosoft.com.

A ccTLDs is an extension used for geographic locations.

Today, there are well over 200 country code TLDs available.

Here is the distinction between a TLD and a ccTLD. A two-letter code identifies each country. With only two characters, ccTLDs are the shortest domain extensions, while generic TLDs have three.

For example, the code for the United Arab Emirates is UAE, and the country code domain is .ae domain.

A country code top-level domain may be a good fit for businesses building brand awareness in a specific location.

Let’s take a glance at the importance of ccTLDs first.


Importance of Country Code Top-Level Domains 

Domain Availability

When selecting a domain name, availability is a critical consideration.

We recommend that your first choice be a.com. If that name is not accessible, a ccTLD might be easier to find.

However, you should avoid doing this if a well-known.com already exists, as it may confuse you.

Overall, choosing a ccTLD increases your chances of finding a domain name, but you may be competing with another website.

For example, if you purchased coffeeshop.us because coffeeshop.com is not accessible, people may visit the.com and miss your website entirely.

If you’re unsure if a domain name is available, you can use a free domain name checker to get some ideas.



We mean the connection your domain has with your area. And, more specifically, to those who are visiting your website.

You may not be aware, but descriptive domain extensions inform visitors to visit a specific type of website.

For example, the .MD domain extension informs visitors to visit a medical doctor or a healthcare website.

Country code top-level domains are similar in that they inform visitors that the site is local.

Your domain name may serve as a link between the community and your local business.


Local Search

When you seek locally, you typically type “near me.” It tells search engines where you want to see search results.

For instance, if you were looking for dentists in Saudi Arabia, you could type the following into a search engine:

Having a ccTLDs aids search engines and users locate your location.

If this dentist in Saudi Arabia had a .sa domain name extension, the local results might recognize it.

Country Code Top-Level Domains: .AE vs .SA domains


.AE domain

Despite its tiny population of 9 million people, the UAE is a remarkably successful economic growth. Hence, UAE heavily relies on oil reserves and natural gas and petroleum product exports. Another important aspect of the Arabs’ current prosperity is tourism. Furthermore, the territory has the most up-to-date infrastructure and high-end hotels. As a result, tourists worldwide admire the UAE’s splendor and magnificence. Foreign corporations are very interested in conquering the Arab local markets for these reasons.


The best reasons to establish a .AE domain are: 

  • International enterprises desiring to showcase their brand in the UAE would be wise to register a .ae domain name. It denotes a strong local presence that may quickly pique customers’ interest.
  • A website ending in the .ae domain allows you to access many high-quality leads, especially if you’re targeting Arab customers. For localized SEO, the .ae domain is ideal. Using similar keywords can help you rank higher in search engines like Google.
  • It demonstrates that your business’s website is professional and dedicated to serving local clients.
  • Websites with the suffix .ae are easier to market or advertise to local UAE consumers from a marketing standpoint.
  • The registration of the a .ae domain is unrestricted. Getting a.com domain is as straightforward as getting an a .com domain. If the goal is to present a brand to the UAE market, it is preferable to use the .ae domain rather than .com.
  • In the UAE, English is not the primary language spoken. Therefore, foreign companies can improve their online presence in the UAE by having an a .ae website with Arabic-written content. 
  • A .ae website also creates the idea of being close to UAE inhabitants. Therefore, a localized website will persuade more customers to use it.


.SA domain

The Saudi Domain Name Registration Regulation governs the registration of a domain name in Saudi Arabia.

Domain registrations for (.sa) began in 1995, whereas registrations for (.) began in 2010. Accredited domain registrars for Saudi domain names began providing services to registrants in February 2021. It includes individuals, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies. In addition, Digital Government Authority (DGA) provides registration services to strengthen the .sa domain name market and implement best practices in the domain name business.


The best reasons to establish a .sa domain are: 

For local and international businesses looking to represent themselves in Saudi Arabia, the .sa domain name is a fantastic option.

Your firm may give relevant and localized information about your product and services by registering a .sa domain.

 Local domain names for Saudi Arabia, such as .sa, provide your organization with a professional image. 

It demonstrates your devotion to local customers.

You can increase your company’s revenue by focusing on the local Saudi Arabian market.


Difference .AE vs .SA domains

The only difference is their markets. As ccTLD can help you appear in your target market. All the major search engines assume that if you have a country-level domain, you target visitors in that country. A good example of this: go to Google Search Console on a .ae domain and look in the SERPs. You will see in this option that the .ae domain has connected with UAE automatically. But if you are specifically looking for some Saudi Arabian products or services, you will go with the .sa domain as it is more precise to your location. 


.AE vs. .SA Domains: Which Country Code Top-Level Domains is the best?

Now is the moment to make a decision! Should you register a .AE domain rather than a .SA domain in the United Arab Emirates?

It’s just a matter of assessing the market in which you’re working when deciding on a country code top-level domain.

In this article, we discussed the differences .AE and .SA domains in the UAE, as well as various ccTLD information.

Hopefully, this information has aided you in making the best website option!

Here are some suggestions on choosing the best and cheap domain name extension if you need additional information about domain extensions.

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