All About Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines Flights were launched to the sky for the first time in August of 1947. Their hub is Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport. ConnectMiles is their frequent flyer program, and they were one of the first Latin American airlines to join the Star Alliance. Their primary hubs are Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport La Aurora International Airport Juan Santamaria International Airport and Augusto C. Sandino International Airport.

The airline also owns and operates Colombian carrier AeroRepblica presently known as Copa Airlines Colombia. It has daily flights to 72 destinations in 30 countries in North, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.

About Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines, Panama’s national airline, was founded in 1947. Copa Airlines; Anita Colombia operates and owns the airline. Copa Airlines is a subsidiary of Copa Holdings and a Star Alliance member. Alliance Star Alliance was founded in May 1997 and is one of the world’s main airline alliances.


 The organization based in Frankfurt am Main Germany today has 27 member airlines that transport over 670 million passengers each year. Copa Airlines passengers may earn and redeem points on any Star Alliance airline. Passengers have access to lounges depending on the kind of flight ticket frequent flyer status, or class of travel, awards and honors.

Copa Flights & Tickets

Copa Flights Panama’s national airline is formally known as ‘Compania Panmena de Aviacion, S.A.’ The headquarters are in Panama City Panama and the principal flight hub is Panama City Tocumen International Airport. The airline has regular flights to 31 countries with roughly 300 flights each day. The airline has been a member of the Star Alliance since 1998. Copa used to fly both international and domestic routes when it was founded in 1947 but it now only travels to foreign destinations and has just one domestic route. 


The airline employs around 9000 employees and is one of Panama’s fastest-growing companies. Copa Airlines Tickets has crowned the finest airline in Mexico and Central America at the 2014 World Travel Awards. It also has a punctuality rating of more than 90%.

Copa Airlines provides 2 travel classes.

Economy Class: Copa Airlines has premium seats as well as three price tiers with varying baggage limits. Members may earn Connect Miles by purchasing economy class flights.

Business Class: Passengers in Business Class may rest and work in comfortable reclining seats while enjoying great food service and a wide selection of wine and spirits. On all long-haul flights, guests receive amenity kits hot towels a duvet and pillows.

How to book tickets on Copa Airlines Flight?

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Copa Airlines began in 1947 as a small airline in Panama. It gradually phased out local operations in favour of foreign flights in South America. Prior to the merger, Continental held 51 per cent of United Airlines. Copa operates 738s and, while it mostly covers South America, it has expanded to include other North American and European destinations. It looks to have a better safety record than many airlines, with only one fatal accident. Book Flight Tickets from Copa Airlines!

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