All about the Canon Cartridge 131 Magenta Toner Mf828

What the Canon 131 Magenta Toner Mf828 is.

With its aim to shift to a more environmentally friendly company and to lower costs, Canon started producing cartridges with their ink colour. So now, only the colours that have exhausted need to be refilled rather than wasting the entire leftover cartridge. As the name suggests, it comes along with a standard quality Magenta toner cartridge. The Canon 131 prints up to 1500 pages before it needs a replacement. It weighs 1.75lbs (0.79 kg), is 4.4 inches wide, 4 inches in height and is 14.50 inches deep.

Canon makes a genuine promise- for optimal printing performance up to the smallest detail. The Canon Mf828cw toner fits seamlessly with the printer ensuring that the drum unit is functioning properly and no harm to the printer is caused.

Only those components should be placed inside a device that does justice to it by bringing out the best in them. The Canon 131 Toner Mf828 is just one such product in the vast product line of Canon toners. Optimum utilisation of quality constituents ensure quality results on the most important of occasions or simply for some menial tasks. It prints bright, vivid and highly accurate images and files. The ink does not fade away and provides a sharp edge to the overall document.

The cartridge is available at competitive prices and may be bought online too but should be done only from verified websites and dealers.


How to use the Canon Cartridge?

To use the cartridge, start by opening the door like structure on the top or front of the printer. To identify an empty cartridge, check for the status light; off means it’s empty. Hold the empty one from the bottom and gently pull sideward and upwards to remove it. Remove the wrapper and slowly place the new toner into the slot you just emptied. Make sure to release the tab face towards the ceiling. When installed properly, the status light will turn on automatically. Close the access door and let the magenta toner work its magic!

Due to the smooth and integrated functioning, it runs perfectly and the documents and images produced are of satisfactory quality. You may save ink by switching on to the ‘draft mode’ or ‘toner save’ mode. Always store the cartridge in a dark place, away from direct sunlight.


Why choose this over the others

Whether it is for a science project or an important assignment to be submitted in college or a document of the office, the print quality needs to be crisp, clear long-lasting. The quality of the ink used isn’t something that one will appreciate but the lack of it is something that everyone will notice and disapprove of.

Most of the branded printers’ cartridges available in the market are of decent quality. But the question arises, are they good enough? Do they satisfy all the needs of the customer? Is the customer satisfied with the price he or she paid for it in comparison to the good they’ve received?

The quality of a good should be compared with its substitutes from various aspects such as price, quality, warranty, installation time and money investment, etc. The Canon 131 Magenta Toner Mf828 satisfies all the needs stated and many more. The cartridge toner is anti-smudging and anti-smearing. The colour Magenta sets the paper apart from the rest and has a clean finishing in the final product. The overall quality is satisfactory and the product is reliable. Genuine components ensure that the final piece is in good hands and does not sacrifice the safety and security of the printer. Third-party toners may lead to damaged printers or blurred printouts.


Compatible Printers to Go With It

  • Canon Colour imageCLASS LBP- 7110CW
  • Canon Colour imageCLASS MF8280Cw
  • Canon i-SENSYS LBP- 7100cn
  • Canon i-SENSYS LBP-7110cw
  • Canon i-SENSYS MF623Cn
  • Canon i-SENSYS MF628cw
  • Canon i-SENSYS MF8230cn
  • Canon i-SENSYS MF8280Cw
  • Canon imageCLASS MF624cw
  • Canon imageCLASS MF628cw

The cartridge has specifically been tailored for Canon laser printers and all-in-one printer machines. This ensures that the performance of the cartridge is even better. There are no blurry images, grey backgrounds, faded texts and tables. For better results, always choose the cartridge that is compatible with the printer installed.


Beware of Counterfeits!

The brand also provides for a ‘Canon Genuine Security Label’ which is found on the main cartridge box. It also suggests that purchases should only be made from authorized dealers to avoid unscrupulous salesmen. Canon takes the counterfeiting of its products very seriously to ensure that their customers get only the best- authentic Canon products. To check for counterfeited goods, look for security labels on the packaging of the product. The label usually is a hologram sticker that changes colour when moved at different angles.

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