All about the Certified Ethical Hacking exam and Practice Tests

The CEH exam is an internationally standardized entrance exam conducted by the EC-Council to provide bona fide certifications in ethical hacking. The term “Hacker” got its significance decades ago and was considered to have a negative portrayal, as it draws its image from manipulation with your computer software, using illegal methods, and stealing data, but that is known as Malicious hacking.

Unlike that ethical hacking is used for genuine and right purposes, more often it is also used by the government to deal with cybercrimes.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking also called Network Penetration Testing or White Hat. Ethical hacking practices in the legal framework and with permission and is practiced to help people these hackers detect and remove the bugs in the system. And strengthen the security framework to guard against prospective threats. They aim to find and remove faults.

The EC-Council

The EC-Council came up with the new concept of ethical hacking in the year 2003 and established altogether a new emerging cybersecurity profession.

The EC-Council annually conducts the entry-level examination to get certified hackers that work in the legalized manner and follow obligatory rules.

Scope of the CEH exam 

With an increase in the number of illegal cases of stealing sensitive data, intrusion into the software of companies, government institutions, and banking and financial institutions, all these give rise to the emerging profession of ethical hacking. Initiating a career in this field can open up the door for numerous career opportunities as currently many IT firms, government institutions, financial institutions, and cybercrime departments are awaiting certified ethical hackers. 

Eligibility and Registration for CEH

Before you start spinning up your wheels, do know the eligibility criteria for this examination. There are two ways to become eligible for this exam

Attempt without training

First, the candidate has to prove this to the EC-Council that they have legitimate experience in the field of information security for at least 2 years, backing up with the educational qualifications that signify their specialization in information security in their eligibility application fee of $100(non-refundable).

After getting a confirmation or verification mail from EC-Council, you get a voucher number to continue with the process of registration.

Attend official training

EC-Council conducts an official training program through an Accredited Training Center for the aspirants and on completion of that training program, the aspirant becomes eligible to give that exam and get themselves registered for this examination.

Exam pattern 

The CEHv10 exam is fully digitized and the duration of the exam is 4 hours or 240 minutes. The exam is structured by 125 multiple choice questions and the scores are presented in percentages. The required percentage for passing this exam is 77%, but a good score is considered to be more than 84%.

Syllabus for CEH exam

After ensuring your eligibility and completing the process of registration, now comes the time to pull up your socks and sink yourself in the study topics.

Following is the list of topics you can expect the exam would be framed with

Counter measures

  • Security controls
  • Access points for preparation
  • Cryptology
  • Current security laws and industry standards
  • Scanning

Network security

  • Enumeration
  • Sniffing
  • Firewalls
  • Social engineering
  • Footprinting
  • SSL
  • IDSs
  • TCP handshake
  • Reconnaissance
  • Session Hijacking


  • DDoS attacks
  • Latest mobile tracking tools
  • Hacking in the cloud
  • Shellshock
  • Heartbleed
  • Sniffers
  • Latest trojans and viruses
  • SQL Injection
  • Types of Malware 
  • Security issues in Windows operating systems

Additions in version 10, the exam now also covers

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Malware Analysis
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Exam fees

The CEH v10 exam costs you around $1199 and if you wish to take this exam and it includes the costs of 5-day training and also the certification costs.

Practice Tests for CEH v10

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