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All you need to know about Laminates & the Advantages of Laminated wood “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” —Leonardo Da Vinci Laminates are the most commonly used wooden product in furniture as an overlay over wood. Laminates are in use in cabinetry, tabletops, decorative walling and flooring. They are available in several sizes, shapes, colours, textures and patterns. In India, Laminate is popularly called Sunmica. But the fact, Sunmica is an old company in India that used to makes laminates. This brand became so popular that the people started knowing the product by this brand name itself like Spartak, Fevicol, etc. It is also known as decorative laminates. You often find carpenters fixing laminate sheets on to a plywood base using Fevicol adhesive. Fire-resistant laminates are in use in kitchens and cinema halls.

Laminates have different properties & advantages like water resistance, resistance to scratches, strength, abrasion resistance, etc. and it is easy to install. It is available in various sizes like 2438 mm × 1219 mm (8′×4′), 914 mm × 2134 mm (3′×7′), etc. In general, the thickness of the laminate sheets ranges from 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm.

The make-up of laminates: It is an artificial material made up of layers and adhesive in which the grains of the adjacent layers are at right angles to each other. Laminates are a type of popular surfacing material made from layers of Kraft paper glued together under high pressure and temperatures. Laminates are made up of selected decorative papers and kraft, which treated with melamine and phenolic resins. As no expensive raw materials are involved in the manufacturing process of laminates, they are the most affordable surfacing material available in the market. Additionally, they are durable and are also available in several colours, textures and patterns. It is also the installation of a laminate is easy though it requires a specially skilled person over any existing surface. It is straightforward to take care of because the surface is easy to resist physical damage. Laminates are laid as a decorative surface over a wooden layer. The price of the laminate is calculated per sheet & depends on the properties & the thickness of the sheets. The cost ranges from Rs. 400-600/sheet approx.

Types of Laminates: Laminates are available in different textures and styles, such as decorative laminates, anti-bacterial laminates, HD gloss laminates, digital laminates and chalk-grade laminates. As a result, they can be in use for a variety of purposes. They install in surface walls, tabletops, shelves, cabinets, furniture and counters. Laminate countertops are resistant to scratches and dents, makes them ideal for use as kitchen counters and worktops. You can slice vegetables or do mechanical work on a laminate countertop with no fear of injury to the surface.


01. It is easy to clean.

02. It is easier to put in than many traditional surfaces.

03. It is more economical and requires less skill to put in.

04. It is pleasing & appealing at it is available in numerous designs, patterns, colours and textures.

05. It is very durable, hygienic and comparatively easy to handle.

06. No polishing painting is required.

07. It is a simple choice for heavy use environments.

08. It can install over almost any existing floor.

09. It is moisture resistant. Also, it is impact, shock and pressure resistant.

10. Sweeping or vacuuming is all it takes to get laminate clean.

11. It is highly immune to scratch and abrasion.

12. Availability of wide-range results in the least wastage.


While laminates provide many benefits for simple quality products, I think that you should only buy laminates from reputed manufacturers with certifications like Greenguard, ISO and OHSAS. Laminate is produced by local manufacturers & also by various big companies. RadheShyam Laminates is the distributor of Laminates for Karnataka. A stalwart in Ultimate Space & Décor Solutions, RadheShyam is a Multi-Brand Company with an enviable 4500+ Laminate range. Best Laminates in Bangalore RadheShyam has a wide-spread network of 2500+ dealers across Karnataka. It is selling 16+ certified, reputed & noteworthy brands from all over the world. We even have our sales and support offices at Hubli – Shyam Laminates and Mysore – Keshav Enterprises.

Best Laminates in Bangalore RadheShyam Laminates & Decors is an “ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Certified Organization”. We believe in on-time delivery and constant improvement in our procedures. We endeavour to have error-free dispatch, offer unparalleled customer satisfaction and constantly keep adding new brands.


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Greenlam Laminates- A perfect surfing solution for commercial & residential space

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