Aloevera Temperature Requirement

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The aloe vera plant is easy to care for and has a high temperature tolerance. However, it is still sensitive to high or low temperatures. In general, the aloe plant thrives in warm, humid conditions with indirect sunlight. If you live in a particularly warm climate, you can bring your aloe indoors during the hotter days of summer or grow it in the shade of your garden. If you live in a cooler climate, you can also plant your aloe vera in your yard during hotter months.


While aloe plants have the ability to survive in many different climates, their best bet is growing them in a place that receives a moderate amount of sunlight. In fact, temperatures as low as twenty degrees Fahrenheit are not too harmful, but plants should be brought indoors during periods of frost. Aloevera Temperature Requirement below this range can cause the plant to turn brown, and most aloe species are able to hibernate over the winter. Because of this, you should keep your aloe in a garage or other location where it is protected from harsh climate changes.

While aloe plants can survive in a range of temperatures, they do not need a humid environment. If you have a greenhouse, consider planting your aloe vera in a warm, sunny location. The temperature should be between sixty and seventy degrees Fahrenheit for optimal growth. If you are unsure about what aloe plant needs, check the label on your plant. If you are unsure about the temperature requirements, consult your local nursery or horticulture shop.


The aloe plant can be grown indoors or out in the garden. However, you should start slowly and gradually increase the amount of sunlight, as too much direct sunlight will scorch the leaves. Aloe plants thrive in temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter, they should be protected from the cold, but should not be kept in a dark room at night. If you plan on growing aloe vera indoors, make sure to move it outdoors when temperatures begin to warm.

The temperature requirement for aloe vera is similar to that of other plants. It is best to place the plant in a spot that gets at least 2,000 lux per square foot of sunlight. Aside from sunlight, make sure the plant gets indirect light through windows, such as a window. Light from all sides will help it grow well. If possible, rotate the aloe plant every six months. Aside from direct sunlight, Aloe vera also prefers warmer temperatures and lower humidity.

Cold drafts

When it comes to its temperature requirements, aloe plants prefer an average temperature of 50-80degF, though they can suffer from shock if the temperature falls below that mark. They should be kept away from sudden temperature drops, air conditioners, fans, windows, and exterior doors. Some protection can go a long way in ensuring the health of your aloe plant. Cold drafts should be avoided in any case.

As with any houseplant, aloe Vera doesn’t do well in temperatures below 40degF. Prolonged exposure to such low temperatures will cause the plant to die. The leaves will develop brown or yellow spots, which will be a hindrance to their growth. Even worse, aloes will typically hibernate during the cold winter months. Keep your plant in a garage or protected from snow, if possible.

Protection from frost

If you’re considering planting aloe vera in your backyard, you need to understand its unique needs. Aloe vera is a succulent, and its leaves are smooth and plump. Cold temperatures damage the plant’s delicate tissue, and the leaves and roots can die. Frost damage is particularly damaging to younger plants. However, you can protect your plants by taking extra precautions. Frost damage can be reduced or even prevented entirely by protecting them from frost.

As with other houseplants, aloe vera is susceptible to a number of common indoor pests, including scale and mealybugs. However, if you’re growing aloe vera indoors, you can protect it from these insects by keeping the temperature around 40 degrees. However, it’s important to remember that frost is not a good thing for aloe plants, and they don’t tolerate cold well.


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