Amazing Small Business concepts

Cleaning an aquarium

Fish and amphibians can make wonderful pets, but depending on how many you have and how big your aquarium is, they may require a lot of maintenance.

Cleaning an aquarium, in particular, can take hours and calls for specialised tools and chemicals. You must be skilled at tank and aquarium cleaning in order to launch an aquarium cleaning business. A variety of tools, including nets and gravel cleaners, are also required.

On sites like Gumtree, you can promote your services. Additionally, you can approach nearby pet stores and form a partnership with them by paying them for each successful referral. Local partnerships will work with independents; unless you scale this business, I wouldn’t waste your time with the national retailers.


An artist

Don’t sit around wasting your talent as an artist if you have it. Put your amazing artwork on the market, even if it’s just a hobby, and watch what happens.

Although you don’t need a formal education to start out as an artist, the majority of great artists have received training or guidance from more experienced artists. Depending on the type of art you’re producing, you’ll need a studio (room) and a variety of supplies (oil paintings, watercolour, installations or sculpture).

You can also promote you service using video marketing. For making videos you can use AI video generators like Invideo or Pictory AI along with voiceover using speech to text softwares.

You must establish connections with nearby galleries in order to have your work evaluated and sold in order to sell or market it. Additionally, you can directly sell on websites like Sell Your Art Online. It’s important to remember that building a following for your work and commanding high prices can take time and be challenging (some artists, like Vincent Van Gogh, didn’t achieve commercial success until well after their passing). Due to the large number of active artists, both professional and amateur, who sell their work, the art world is also extremely competitive. In spite of this, many mid- and high-level commercially successful artists create and market their works over the course of their careers.



Important events like weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings are captured on video by videographers. After editing, they deliver a completed video of such events. Additionally, videographers produce documentaries, commercials, and other types of content.

You must have prior experience shooting video and access to the necessary videography tools in order to get started (a decent DSLR with a Rode mic will work early on). Additionally, you will require expert editing abilities and access to video editing software (editing video is a complex process and usually takes far longer the recording).

You can approach nearby businesses with packages (such as business promo videos, home tours, and product explainer videos) to promote your videography services. Since your services are free, you should consider collaborating with nearby photographers.


Online Store

Why not sell digital goods instead of having to source or manufacture products? Purely digital goods are sold in virtual stores like website themes (Themeforest), stock photos (Adobe Stock), and design work (VectorStock).

Create a brand, choose a market for your products, and then set up an online store with an open-source eCommerce website builder like Magento or a programme like Shopify. You can also make and sell your own digital products if you have a specific skill in design, development, or another industry.

All marketing for online stores is carried out digitally. Set up your social media profiles, install email capture for newsletters, and create a marketing list for notifications to start (after that, it’s all about expanding and interacting with your audience). This can be accomplished naturally through content marketing or by utilising PPC to attract visitors to your website.


Pop-Up Store

Use WeArePopup to rent a storefront for a day or a week if you have great products, whether they are in the fashion, food, or any other category. Pop-up stores have emerged as a viable trend that allows new businesses to rent prime real estate for a brief period of time for little to no expense.

You’ll need a reputable brand, a wide selection of products, inventory, and access to a POS system (card readers, cash registers, payment gateways…) to get started. Beyond WeArePopup, you can contact your local council or private property owners of vacant stores to inquire about short-term leases. You’ll be surprised at how many are willing to give a new retailer a chance, especially if there’s a chance that a shop can be leased long-term based on the retailer’s success.

You can inquire about covering the limited opening in your local newspaper to publicise the opening of your pop-up shop (i.e. try an angle of new retail business opens to rejuvenate high street). The remaining marketing will rely on the foot traffic you’ll attract to the store; place a coming soon sign in the window and advertise a special deal to draw in customers.

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