Amazing Ways to Make Your Best Friend Feel Special

Everybody has that one best friend, who may be your schoolmate, a college mate, or someone you met at work. However, there may be times, when you lose touch or have not met for a while. Moreover, Friendship Day comes once a year. In case you have forgotten to wish your best friend on that day, you can do it now.

There is no occasion for friends specifically at the moment, however, who needs an occasion to celebrate. Just put on your thinking cap, and think about ways you can pamper your best friend and also rekindle the old memories. Best friends have some time or the other, provided a shoulder to cry on, or have patiently listened to your woes. You may have travelled to several places together, and so on. However, both of you may be staying in different places and maybe a bit busy with other commitments.

With online gift delivery in Gurgaon available now, you can also send gifts to your best friend, who may be living there. So, let us explore a few ways, you can probably meet and pamper one another.

How to Pamper Your Best Friend?

Plan a day out. It could be anywhere. If both of you are adventure lovers, you can go jungle hiking or trekking. You can also go to the best amusement park and spend the day there. You may have loved a few places, in your old town. Try to go there, and relive the old memories. Nowadays, many adventure companies are also organizing adventure camps in the hills or beaches. You can join them as well. There is music, dance, and lots of activities, at such places. You can be kids together again.

Send gifts online. Now, this is another option, which you can go for. You can send gifts to Gurgaon, by ordering gifts online. Choose an online gifting portal which can deliver gifts on the same-day. Affordability is another factor that you need to look into. Bright flowers and milk chocolates are a combo, which you cannot forget in a while. They can brighten anyone’s day.

Your best friend should also like it. Bouquets are available in a variety of patterns, shapes and sizes. There are roses, carnations, daisies, gerberas, and lilies that you can choose from. You can also send basket of flowers. Your friend would love to keep it on her desk and reminisce about the moments spent with you.

Apart from flowers, you can also send potted plants. If she loves to keep her home in top condition, this is a great option among gifts. Money plants, Aloe Vera, and Lucky Bamboo are the plants that you can choose from. There are quite a few gift hampers, comprising beauty essentials and bath essentials online. You can even buy them online and ship them across.

You can write a letter. Sometimes, a letter can convey feelings, which you cannot say. Sit down and take some time to convey your feelings. Write down, how you miss the old days. Your best friend will also get emotional after reading your letter. She might just travel all the way from her residence to yours, to surprise you. Pen has a bigger power, than anything else in this world. You can also buy nice pens online from our gifting portal.

You can also plan a movie date together. Go for your favourite movie, with her in her city or yours. You definitely need to meet physically to relive the past. So, take some time out of your busy schedule and plan such a day out for movies.

You can also post something about the two of you, on social media. Instagram is a platform, where you can do that quite well. Go for appreciation posts as well as stories. You can tag her, so everybody on her profile can see the posts. You have all the freedom in the world to plan a great time with your bestie.

There are several ways to celebrate friendship. It does not have to be just friendship’s day. You can pamper your friend from time to time, by meeting, or sending her wishes. Gifting is another way, to pamper your loved friend. You can avail yourself of express delivery, same-day delivery and more, in Gurgaon. The online gifting services are also available in other cities in India.

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