An aisle To A Perfect Resume: Resume Content Tips For Beginners

Making a resume is the first step of everyone’s career. It is a crucial document that helps you to attain the job you are looking for. Strong formating, attractive templates, and quality content make your resume unique. There are a whole lot of resume templates available online, but completely depending on the template cant always help you. A visually contenting and meaningful resume creates a bond between you and your prospective hiring manager. Here are some tips that help you to create great resume content. 

Power Up With Action Verbs

Adding action verbs increases the quality of your content. The hiring managers read through thousands of resume writers in Chennai every month. So you have to catch their attention within a limited span. The use of weak and passive verbs undermines the quality of your resume. Instead, you can use action verbs.

Here are some action verbs that you can use in your resume.

Achieved, Amplified, Attained, Capitalised, Chaired, Consolidated, Deciphered, Decreased, Discerned, Drove, Enacted, Endeavoured, Established, Exceeded, Founded, Accelerated, Accomplished, Analysed, Assembled, Built, Charted, Created, Constructed, Coordinated, Delivered, Developed, Executed, Expanded, Facilitated, Finalised, Forged, Guided, Handled, Headed, Improved, Increased, Initiated, Implemented, Instituted, Operated, Organised, Produced, Reached, Simplified, Volunteered, Collaborated, Composed, Conveyed, Convinced, Documented, Enlivened, Instructed, Performed, Presented, Promoted, Spoke, Trained, Authored, Brainstormed, Communicated, Conceptualised, Curated, Customised, Derived, Designed, Diagramed, Drafted, Edited, Illustrated, Imagined, Influenced, Inspired, Intensified, Modelled, Proofread, Published, Redesigned, Researched, Strategised, Storyboarded, Translated, Transformed, Visualised, Wrote


 Avoid the cliche Resume Objective

Resume objectives are so overused and hiring managers have been seeing them for decades. So, this is the right time to make some modifications to the cliche career objectives. Make slight changes to your career objective. Make it descriptive and fill it with a unique nutshell of yourself. This is a short career summary that you can place at the very beginning of the resume. A good summary will draw a better picture of you. Make it unique. It needs to describe your skills, qualities, and achievements. Do not extend it for so long. Make it short and not up to 5 sentences. 

Quantify Your Achievements

Do not tell about your achievements, just quantify them. Instead of saying you are good at something, say how much you are good at it using numbers. Make your accomplishments measurable and quantifiable and this, in turn, make you stand out. Quantifying your achievements is a golden chance to prove to the prospective hiring managers your big wins. Always focus on metrics while you talk about your achievements. 

 Don’t List Unnecessary Information

Space is a valuable thing in your resume. You need to save your valuable resume space by erasing unwanted information. Do not travel too far in time. You don’t have to showcase the things you did ten or twenty years ago. The hiring managers are looking for your recent accomplishments and also your most important academic and work history. If you are a graduate, avoid stating your school details. Do not include work experience before 10 or 15 years. Only add your relevant milestones.



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