An Intro to Outdoor LED Light Fixtures

Most shoppers are probably out looking for reasons that they should switch their aging HPS infrastructure over to LED lighting, or even looking for good deals on LED lights themselves. Yet here you are, looking for information about the different types of outdoor LED light fixtures you can use to replace those lights. Well, here’s a short guide on some of the different types of outdoor light fixtures you can use with LEDs.

A note – you’ll probably have to switch the fixture out if you want to switch from MH or HID lamps to LEDs unless you use an LED replacement model and a ballast bypass. There are ways around it, but here are some of the main classes of modern outdoor light fixtures for LEDs.

– Floodlight fixtures – LED floodlights are useful for security lighting and area lighting and are a very economical way to improve the safety and visibility of setting at night. Some fixtures are designed for LEDs that rival their halogen and incandescent originals for brightness and blow them away on longevity and energy efficiency.

– Wall pack fixtures – Wall packs are somewhat like sconces except they are usually placed along outdoor walls for area lighting. Sometimes these are also called outdoor wall lights. They are compatible with LEDs that are, as mentioned above, superior for longevity and energy efficiency.

– Other security lighting fixtures (such as area lighting) – In addition to these types of area lighting, there are other proprietary area lighting fixtures that are compatible with LED lights and are intended to be used outside, like stadium lights or parking lot lights.

– Streetlight fixtures – Many streetlight fixtures are intended to be used with a photocell sensor and an HID lamp like an HPS or MH bulb. However, some are specifically designed to be used with corn cob LED replacement bulbs.

– Patio lights, porch lights, and pathway lights – Then, of course, there are the accent LED lights that homeowners use to shed some charm on their exterior lighting design from dusk to dawn. Included in this are patio, porch, and pathway lights as well as lighting posts, landscape lights, deck light fixtures, and outdoor hanging lights like pendant lights.

Keep in mind that this guide says nothing of indoor LED light fixtures, but there are plenty out there who have as much reason and more to replace their indoor lighting fixtures with LED lights. Those people might be looking for high and low bay fixtures along with shop light fixtures and everything in between. This is not the guide for that, but there are plenty of replacement fixtures out there for indoor LED lighting, as well as many LED bulbs that are plug and play solutions for existing infrastructure.

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