An Overwhelming Experience to Sighting the Asiatic Lions at Gir Forest

The wildlife sanctuaries give a life-like experience to the visitors, compared to the zoos. In zoos, animals are seen in cages, living within a small space; they cannot come beyond the cages to prowl. But in wildlife sanctuaries like Sasan Gir, animals are left free to wander in the entire forest in their natural habitat. This makes the forest livelier, and visitors from all over the world come here to sight the lions. Go for Gir National Park Booking to enter the park.

Another critical point in the entire forest there are no lights, no markers to show the right way in the woods, no connections of phones, only a few tribals, forest guards, and visitors can be seen prowling in the forest. Wildlife Lovers and nature lovers get the pure original experience of a jungle in the Gir forest. The whole experience of your trip is breath taking with the natural beauty of the environment.

Synopsis of Sasan Gir and Devaliya Park

Visitors can venture the entire park by safari, which is exclusively opened for the visitors in the Sasan Gir and Devaliya park (interpreted zone). You can enchant your love for wildebeest and the Asiatic lion for which the Park is famous, on safaris.

On the other hand, Devaliya Park has been created to scatter tourists’ load between the two zones. Devaliya Park is the most preferred one because it occupies huge numbers of Asiatic lions strolling in the entire area with their cubs. You can also see a wide variety of birds in this interpreted zone of the Gir forest.

Embrace the Gir Jungle Trail

Jeep safaris are essential because they will take you inside the cored, where you can find lions moving in front of you. You can also track other felines like Jackal, deer, crocodile, leopards, elephants, and rarest species. In Gir National Parkthere are two modes of safaris-

  • Jeep Safari: There are two slots of Jeep safari, two in the morning and one in the evening.
  • Bus Safari: There are two slots of bus services, one in the morning and the other in the evening.

You can spot the lions in the early morning, so try to purchase the morning jungle trials’ tickets. For that, you have to obtain Gir Safari Booking to get tickets for the entrance.

To make your entire trip lucky, sit on the safari, and enjoy the atmosphere and the thrilling jungle for the next 2-3 hours. Photographers would enjoy the trip the most because they can get the chance to capture the rarest sights of the felines. 

The forest always gives beautiful memories to bags with us while returning home. All the credit goes to the state government of Gujarat, the forest department, and the NGOs who took special care to protect the wildlife and the forest where they are residing for years. Obtain Gir Online Booking in advance to enter the park.

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