Android Studio Plugins to Increase Productivity

It is the official Google Integrated Development Environment (IDE) packed with features for the development of native Android apps.

There is another explanation for the growing number of Android Studio Plugins, aside from being Google’s official IDE. It is the simple creation and installation of these plugins that Intellij Concept, the software development programming environment, makes.

While coding with only the libraries can be performed on a clean Studio, experienced developers know the value of plugins. They are there to make things simpler for their jobs. The Android Studio Plugins list is infinite. In the fast app development process, they assist tremendously, boost the code, and impart quality to your work. A developer can find the option difficult.

Best Android Studio Plugins for Developers

  • ADB Idea
  • Rainbow Brackets
  • Parcelable
  • Codota
  • ADB Wifi
  • Minimap
  • Material UI Theme
  • JSON to Kotlin Class
  • String Manipulation
  • Gradle Killer

How to Install Android Studio Plugins

  1. Start Android Studio
  2. Open ‘Preferences’
  3. Click on the Plugins section
  4. Now choose the ‘Browse repositories’. It will provide you with a list of all Intellij Plugins.
  5. Select the appropriate plugin, then choose ‘Install’.
  6. You need to restart the Studio once installation gets completed

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