App for making pixel art

If your aim is to learn how to do dessin pixel art facile on smartphones and tablets , I have good news for you. There are, in fact, numerous apps designed for this purpose. One of the most interesting is called Pixel Studio and is available for both Android (on the Play Store and alternative stores ) and iOS / iPadOS . It’s free but through in-app purchases you can unlock additional features and remove ads.


Once downloaded and installed, at the first start the app asks for permission to access the phone memory. Press the Allow button , to continue, then press the Create button to set your first image. Select the options you prefer for your image, such as the size and color of the background , then tap the Create button .

On this screen, you can immediately start drawing by selecting a color at the top of the screen and dragging your finger over the pixels to be colored. In case of errors, tap on the Eraser icon in the tools menu at the bottom and press on the pixels to be deleted. Pixel Studio also offers the possibility of creating multiple layers , by pressing the + icon at the bottom of the layer bar, in order to use different spaces with multiple overlapping images.

In addition to the pencil, Pixel Studio allows you to use a considerable amount of tools: the eyedropper , to choose a color already present in the image; the bucket , to fill all the adjacent transparent spaces with a single tap; the selector , to select a portion of the image; the functions menu , containing useful functions to further manipulate your work; the instrument undoes , to undo the last operation; the magic wand , to modify equal parts of the image in a single tap; the move tool , to move an element or layer.

In any case, know that Pixel Studio offers a function that allows you to immediately know what the chosen tool is for. By tapping the button with a question mark , in fact, a small box will appear with an explanation of the instrument in use, including how to use it.

When you have finished your work, if you want it, you can save it by pressing the button with three horizontal lines and choosing one of the options available in the menu that is proposed to you. You can, for example, decide to save the image on your device or share it on social networks or in another app by pressing, respectively, the Save button or the Share button .

Thanks to the functions available by pressing the Preview button or the Pixel Perfect button , you can also double-check the final result before saving it permanently. Convenient, right?

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