Architectural Glass: How Long Does Glass Panel Installation Take?

Architectural glass is a necessity for giving your business building a professional look, while also protecting the interior from both nature’s elements and any potential break-ins. You want the job done right, but being without windows for a time can be difficult to deal with, especially with the unpredictable South Florida weather. So, why do you need glass panels, and how long might glass panel installation take?

Why Install Commercial Glass?

The façade of your building is most people’s first impression of your business. Commercial glass panel helps to give your building a sleek and professional look. That plays into the psychology of potential clients who come to your building, as the first thing they will see is the impressive look the glass panel lends to your building.

On top of that, modern architectural windows are designed with cutting-edge features. Energy consumption concerns are kept in mind throughout the design process, and architectural glass can make your building more energy-efficient. The windows are also impact-resistant to minimize the chance of accidental damage from a Florida storm or from break-ins.

What Does Your Project Need?

Now that the need for commercial-grade glass is evident, let’s take a look at how long the installation process might take. Naturally, the length of time needed to complete the work is going to vary depending on the size of the project. Ask yourself, and then ask your installer about, the following three questions before starting the work to get a better idea of how long the project may take:

  1. What are the dimensions of the building you are looking to have commercial windows installed in? 
  2. Are you looking to replace existing windows or create new fixtures entirely? 
  3. Are you looking to install windows into your business’ walls, or would you prefer an open-concept design with a commercial architectural glass wall replacing the existing walls of the building? 

All of these factors play into the timeframe that your specific project will need.

Minimizing Downtime

Your business is vital to you, and the time it takes to install windows is downtime that could be spent growing your business. You want to choose a firm that respects that fact and will complete the work within the scheduled timeframe. Selecting a firm that operates locally can help to cut back on downtime, as well. If the partners your commercial window installers work with are local, you won’t have to wait on lengthy shipping times from overseas providers.

To ensure that your installation is done as quickly as possible, do your research to make sure the commercial window firm you are dealing with is a reputable company. You’ll want a company using cutting-edge design features for optimal energy efficiency and stability. Choosing a company with roots in the local area helps to minimize downtime while ensuring your windows aren’t build with low-quality overseas goods. You’ll have a professional appearance for your building in a matter of weeks.

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