Are business cards still effective in 2021?

In this fast-growing world of technological advancements and digitalization are business cards still effective? With a lot of businesses being done online are business cards still important?

Yes, in spite of the growing dependence on technology for trade and communications, it is still very difficult for a business to replace business cards and their role in the company’s branding strategy.

The business cards carry all the personal details like name, email address, phone number etc of the business. The key importance of business cards is that they can be strategically designed to represent the business and its values.

Right from the colour combinations to the choice of fonts to the placement of the logo, everything can help in generating the desired impact on the minds of the receiver.

Most businessmen and their employees keep their business cards handy while meeting their potential clients or while attending a trade fair or seminar.

Business cards can play an important role in the branding exercise of the company; they can help the marketers take on the competition and make a mark for themselves.

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For clients and prospective customers, the business cards are a window into the company and the quality of services and products they offer. As per a study, over 72 per cent of the people form an opinion about a company depending on the quality of the business card.

Therefore it is clearly evident that your business card can either make or break your business. You may end up losing several customers if the business card printing or the paper used is not good or if the design is not impressive.

Below mentioned are a few reasons which show the importance of Business cards:

  • Sharing Contact Details:

The main purpose of handing out a business card is sharing your contact information with the prospective customer or business associate.

A business card helps to easily pass on important contact details you’re your name, job title, company name, contact number, email address and website of the company.

A single card can help your recipient keep all your contact information handy by easily storing it in a wallet or card folder for future reference.

  • Adding a Personal Touch:

While handing out a business card to a client or business associate one is not merely passing on their contact details. People share a lot of handshakes and exchange pleasantries while handing out their cards.

The time spent while sharing cards helps in connecting well with the customer. The friendliness and warmth in the environment help in building a long-lasting relationship with a client.

  • Building a good first impression

To garner the customer’s attention and to make a name for themselves in the industry, it is very important for a business to create a good first impression.

With the intense competition in the market, a business’s first impression will determine its future and success. A well designed, good quality business card can play a very important role in building a favourable image of the business in the minds of the recipient.

The quality of the paper used, the placement of the company logo, the colour combination, the quality of the business card printing used etc. all these factors help determine whether a business will be able to create an excellent first impression or not.

  • Marketing and Promotion Tool

A well written and designed business card can be the best marketing and promotion tool for a business. In recent years the dependence on technology and social media for promoting a business has been on a rise. Businesses have started focusing more on search engine optimization, email marketing, etc. to grow their business.

However one cannot forget the role business cards can play in marketing or promoting the business.  While exchanging business cards the business representative gets an opportunity to meet the customer or prospective client personally.

When you meet a person individually, it becomes easier to impress them and create a positive impression rather than depending on emails and online promotions to play that role.

  • Referral tool

Good business cards are shared between contacts and colleagues. Having a creatively designed professional business card is one of the best ways to earn referrals.

To make your card effective, it is important for your business cards to also mention skills which you or your business possesses. Just mentioning the company name and your contact details on the card is not good enough. If your business card talks about your skills, it can help generate referrals.

After reading the skills, your recipient may refer you or your business to someone who is looking for those specific set of skills.


Business cards are still very significant and highly effective in today’s digitalized world. A business card helps in establishing a warm personal relationship with clients.

Business cards are ideal marketing tools which help create a good impression, build trust and convey your message to your clients and prospective customers.

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