Artificial Grass – Pros and Cons

Artificial grass is essentially a synthetic surface of synthetic fibres designed to resemble real natural grass. It’s most often used in commercial arenas for sports which are usually or are regularly played on natural grass or turf. But it’s also now being used in residential lawns and even residential buildings as a landscaping or decorating option.

The most obvious benefit of artificial grass abu dhabi compared to natural grass is the price. As well as the obvious cost of running the grass on it, there are some costs associated with the manufacturing and installation as well.

This means the initial outlay may be a lot less than if you were looking to replace your existing grass with artificial grass. Many people do think about the initial outlay before they consider the benefits of it, and that could be a costly mistake.

Artificial Grass Give New Look To Your Home

So what advantages does a home owner have when they choose to install their new artificial turf? The main benefit is probably the fact that it will add a great deal of value to their property. The money you spend on installing this artificial grass will show you how much you care about your lawn and will help to increase its value. Another advantage is that it can improve your home’s appearance as well, not only looking great but making it more comfortable to live in.

You’ll know it’s growing if you see a new ring of grass growing around the edges of the artificial turf. This is called ‘drip’ growth and is normal. However, you may also have a problem with it growing straight, meaning that the grass starts to spread into other areas and creating long gaps in between.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this as the plants which can grow on artificial turf are very different from real grass. This means that you won’t have to worry about problems arising from weeds, bugs or any other problem with insects.

Artificial Grass Is The Best Choice

However, you still need to check the quality of the seed used if you’re going to grow your own artificial grass as there’s not the same quality as real grass that’s available. You may not want to risk the seed falling on your new turf if it was poor quality and will soon be dead or dying.

A good quality artificial turf will have high quality seed, making it easier to plant on top of. There are specialist dealers who are willing to give you the seed to help you ensure you get a good quality product. Furniture Abu Dhabi provides best quality of artificial grass.

Finally, another downside to artificial turf comes from the fact that it does require a little maintenance. The area where the grass is growing is still going to have to be watered regularly, but because of the synthetic fibres it doesn’t have to be as much.

If you don’t give it the right amount then the turf will dry out quickly and the blades of the machine might cause damage. So, if you’re worried about it then this isn’t going to be an option.

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