Australian Protection Visa: All About & How to Apply?

The Australian government provides various visa policies for overseas immigrants to work in Australia and get PR. One of such valuable visas is the Australian Protection Visa. Here’s all about the visa and how a refugee can apply for it.

Who can get a Protection Visa?

The Australian Protection Visa comes under subclass 866. It is for those overseas immigrants who wish to get protection from the Australian government. One seeks protection in Australia because of the fear of persecution in their home country, due to.

  • Racial opinion of their country is against them.
  • Conflict on one’s religion in their country.
  • Their nationality is not accepted by the country they live in.
  • Political opinion is against them.
  • They have a membership of a particular social group that their country has issues with.

In all of the above cases, the immigrant can apply for a Protection Visa.

Benefits of the Visa

There are various benefits that a Protection Visa holder gets in Australia. These are.

  • Get Australian PR
  • Live and work in Australia permanently.
  • Access the country’s medical services under Medicare, Australia’s health care plan, and income services via Centre link.

Eligibility criteria and health requirements

There are strict eligibility criteria to get a Protection Visa. It is so that unauthorized people or groups cannot misuse it. Here is the list of those criteria.

  • A person is in Australia on a legal visa and did not enter through invalid marine or unauthorized flight arrival.
  • The refugee meets Australia’s protection responsibilities.
  • The person is requesting protection in the country.
  • The person has proof of being a refugee under the refugee convention or meets the complementary protection criteria in the Australian migration act 1958.
  • The client has not been banned from lodging a Protection Visa application.
  • The person meets health requirements and has a good character.
  • One must satisfy the minister that they are getting the visa based on national interest.

Other than that, the person or persons applying for the visa must provide proof of their health exams so that the Australian community provides them health protection.

Which family members can go along?

Refugees can also include the family members mentioned below in their visa application.

  • They can include their spouse or existing partner.
  • Their children can go along.
  • Their other relatives are dependent on them.

Please see: – If the children entered in the visa application are under 18 years, they must have a permit from their parents, guardians, other relatives, or friends to take their photo and or fingerprints for the immigration department. An exception here is children under 15 years, incapable or physically challenged.    

How to apply for an Australian Protection Visa?

This section contains the visa application process. Please read it carefully as one mistake can get the application rejected. Before applying for the visa, please see this checklist and also note that the fee for it is 40 Australian dollars, and it is non-refundable.

  • One must meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Accurately fill all the details in the application form and submit it or take the help of a professional for better chances.
  • Collect all the needed documents like ID card, character, security, health documents, specific valid visa, etc.
  • One can apply offline or online.
  • After submitting the application form, the applicant must submit the biometrics, attend the interview, submit the required family members’ details, etc.
  • If the visa application gets accepted, the applicant will get the details, such as visa conditions, grant number, and grant date.
  • If the application is rejected, the person will get the details.

Processing time: – The processing time for the application is uncertain. It is because it depends on the factors below.

  • The applicant is not responding to the authority’s queries.
  • One has not filled in all the required details.
  • Time is required to grant the visa.

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