Auto like Facebook: the best 5 services and liker apps

Facebook auto likes (or Facebook automatic likes) are increasingly known and used in the world of social media marketing, and we will try to explain why in the course of the discussion.

In this article, first of all, I will clarify what Facebook auto likes are, and then talk about the best sites and auto liker apps that offer the possibility of getting likes automatically for your posts on Facebook.

At the end of the reading you will know clearly what is meant by automatic Facebook likes and you can decide whether or not to use them in your marketing strategy applied to social media.


  1. Social Site
  2. Social Stars

Facebook auto liker app recommended

  1. Apental
  2. MyFBLiker
  3. Hubbla Liker

Frequently asked questions and answers

Auto like Facebook: what are they?

Like Facebook cars I am simply “like” that can automatically obtain on your Facebook content. These likes do not come from your friends, but from some software or applications that deliver them to you automatically.


The difference between normal Facebook likes and auto-likes is that the latter generally arrive gradually following the publication of each of your content. This means that you will not receive likes only under the last post published on your page, but you can get them for example for all future posts, which you will publish over the next month.


Why is this technique used? The answer is very simple: to increase the engagement of your content on Facebook.

As you may know, Facebook wisely chooses the audience to show a certain type of content. Surely you have happened to not see a photo of a person, even if you have it among your friends.

In this sense, a post that receives many likes a few hours after its publication is a strong signal for Facebook regarding the relevance of that content, and for this reason, it will want to have it displayed to a greater number of people.

This translates into a considerable increase in engagement, in terms of likes, comments, and shares of your post on Facebook. Facebook auto likes can normally be purchased from sites and web agencies that professionally deal with social media promotion, or alternatively, they can be obtained through the use of specific apps that allow you to make a sort of “like exchange”. This second method is free but riskier and less efficient.

There are some apps thanks to which you receive likes on a photo by simply clicking on a button, while others provide you with a sort of group of accounts with which to exchange “likes”. We will see some examples in this article later in the discussion.

Here are the best likes sites

1. Social Captain

Social Captain is an Australian web agency that offers social media marketing services, website creation, and development of mobile applications.

On their site you will find packages to increase your visibility for practically every existing social network: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, SoundCloud, Pinterest, and many more.

With regard to Facebook auto likes, on this platform, you can buy Facebook likes Australia that will help you to make your post more reach with respect to increase the visibility and exposure of your Facebook post or page post. Clearly, you will receive likes on all the posts you publish, regardless of the number of posts and the frequency of publication!

Automatic Facebook likes

On the customer support side, the service is exceptional: a  dedicated WhatsApp number and live chat will give you constant support from Monday to Saturday, from 9 to 19.

2. Social Stars

SocialStars currently provides you with services related to Facebook, Youtube, and SoundCloud. As for Facebook more specifically, this service offers you auto likes, auto comments, and auto shares.


But let’s focus on automatic likes. They are divided into three macro-categories, according to the number of contents per month you want to promote. The possibilities are 30, 60, or 90 posts per month.

Furthermore, they do not allow you to automatically get likes on the content you publish in the future since you will have to select from time to time the images or posts on which to receive them (at least in most cases it works like this).

1. Apental

It is alike a sharing system. Quite simply, you like, and get likes in return. As long as you continue to keep this app active, you will also continue to receive likes on the photos you have chosen, completely automatically.

The problem however is that you will have to select the photo/photos to promote each time. The new posts you publish will not get likes until you manually set the link of that photo on Apental.

The user interface is very simple and the process of getting the app working is quick and easy. You can use it to get likes on your personal images, as well as those of a Facebook page you manage.

Note that for this to work, the privacy of the photo you want to promote must be set to the public. Find out more on the Apental website.

2. MyFBLiker

Another autoliker app is MyFBLiker .

The process to use this Facebook auto liker is a bit more complex than the previous one and I must say that the app has not been updated for some time, so I absolutely do not guarantee that it will work.

That said, through this auto liker you can receive up to over 200 likes per post. Not bad right? You can download the application by clicking on this link.

3. Hubbla Liker

The third and final Facebook auto liker app that I introduce to you in this article is Hubbla Liker.


This is an auto liker app that has existed since 2012 and is available on:

Google Play;

Apple Store;

Microsoft Store;

Chrome extension;

Firefox extension.

The application works in such a way that you will receive about 350 likes every time you request them. All completely free of charge. Furthermore, you will have the possibility to choose between Italian or international Facebook likes.

This app is also based on the concept of “like exchange”, and in addition to work, it requires that privacy must be set to public. Find more information about it on this site.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Do you still have doubts about cars like Facebook? Below I have prepared for you some frequently asked questions on this topic, along with their answers. I’m sure they will help you clear up your doubts once and for all!

What is Facebook likes?

Facebook auto likes are simply likes delivered automatically to your photos and posts. You can get them thanks to premium services such as Social Captain, or thanks to the use of apps based on the concept of like exchange.

Where can I buy Facebook automatic likes?

The best site in circulation that offers the possibility of buying automatic Facebook likes is certainly Social captain, a very reliable Australian web agency.

What are Facebook automatic likes for?

Automatic Facebook likes are very useful for increasing the engagement of your posts, in terms of likes, comments, and shares.

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