Award Categories For Managers in Investment Management

Investment Management Awards (IMA), is an acknowledgment given to an individual or group for outstanding performance in the investment management profession. An individual may be honored for: The role they play in the development of an institution or organization. They may also be honored for the contribution they have made to a field of study.

The purpose of the Investment Management Awards is to recognize those persons or teams who have contributed to the betterment of the Investment Management profession. These awards are also given for other reasons such as an industry-wide celebration of outstanding contributions by individual members, managers, and employees. These contributions may be made in one or more of the following areas: fund development/venture capital, bond and mortgage lending, derivatives, insurance, asset class diversification, venture capital, and other investment management services. Visit global banking and finance review to see the full list of categories.

This service is offered free of charge and you can choose from a variety of categories that we will customize for you. You can select the style of the award you would like such as: The Investment Manager of the Month, The Top Investment Manager of the Month, and so forth. When browsing through the awards category, you will notice that many of the categories have the word “Contributions” in their description. These awards honor those professionals who have made a significant contribution to the development of the Investment Management Profession. If you are an investment manager or a planner, Investment Management Awards is a great way to share your skills and knowledge with others.

We offer the world’s leading investment management awards and recognition programs that are accessible on the internet. In addition to awarding monetary compensation, these global banking and finance awards honor outstanding employees, volunteers, distinguished speakers, winning teams, and individual case studies. Our award winners range from supervisory staff to bankers, from public securities firms to investment management firms, from commercial banks to investment banks, and from engineering firms to hedge funds.

Hedge funds are rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing categories of global investments. Many professional hedge fund managers are considered Investment Management Awards winners in their fields. Britt Harris, Managing Partner of HSG Investors, received the Investment Managers of the Year award in 2008 for her contributions to hedge fund excellence. Hedge funds are becoming more competitive and it is important to recognize the work of these talented investment managers.

Another common category for Investment Management Awards is the winners award winner in Fixed Income category. Winners in this category are recognized for their exceptional contributions to improving the performance of the fixed income market. There are many categories in which winners can be recognized. Some of the most common categories are:

International Financing: global companies are recognizing the importance of international financing as the global economy continues to grow. Banks and other lending institutions have come to rely on international funding as they seek to mitigate global uncertainty. Investment managers have made huge contributions to international financing. In the US, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has been a strong advocate of increasing international lending and development. As a result of this effort, the global banking and finance industries have continued to thrive. Awardees in this category include: Warren Buffett, John Mack, and Shivani Vaidya.

Endowments: endowments are rewarding but difficult to find a specific winner in any given year. The majority of endowments are for highly qualified senior management teams. To find a winner for a field like Investment Management Awards, editors look for well-performing endowments that share a common thread. Most of the highly-qualified endowments are those managed by philanthropic organisations, government agencies, or corporations. Awardees in this category include: Peter Lewis, Robert Kiyosaki, and Eli Broad.

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