Basic Stationery Requirements

Stationery is the basic requirement of the office whether it is small or big every one requires some stationery for this purpose. As every office requires some basic office stationery for their smooth functioning in the office. And for purchasing these types of office products everyone requires a stationery supplier for this purpose. And for this purpose, everyone requires a stationery supplier who supplies this type of product in the whole Delhi/NCR. Officio is one of the prominent platforms developed by Thave group from where they supply all types of office stationery in the whole Delhi/NCR.

Basic requirements for an office for the smooth functioning


Paper is the basic requirement for an office for its smooth functioning; they are in need in the office for printing different documents. There are multiple uses of papers in the office. It may be drafting different documents like office proposals, applications, and other special documents used for hard copies to showcase or share as document proof.


The printer is also one of the important requirements for the office where it helps in printing certain different documents on papers. This is one of the basic requirements in the office which is used for printing and drafting other documents.


Highlighter is also important stationery which is used for highlighting different important documents for special uses. They come in different brands like a stick, Luxor, and many other brands too.

White board marker

Markers are also one of the requirements in the offices as they are required for showcasing their plans to their employees on the white boards. These types of white board markers are also used to note down the target which the company wants to achieve and which the individual wants to achieve.

Pen, Scale Pencil, Eraser, Sharpener and many more

These are the basic requirements which are important on the desk for doing all the necessary workings in the office. In which pen, pencil, scale, sharpener, eraser and other necessary essentials are included for the working of the official tasks. 


The basic needs for setting an office and running it in a smooth way are listed above which must be included in each and every office whether they are working professionals or in the offices where paperwork is the basic thing. And each and everyone requires all type of product for its official uses.

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