Bathroom Designing or Modeling

Bathrooms are a highly personal space whether they are large and luxurious or small and compact. A bathroom is the area where one washes off the day’s grime and dirt along with all the anxieties, tiredness and misgivings about work and personal matters. Standing under a warm shower with the water cascading on you is absolute bliss; the water cleanses and soothes the tired body and mind and brings in a freshness and invigorating energy. Bathroom Mirrors Ireland

The design and décor of a bathroom play a great part in enhancing the energy and mood; aren’t many good singers made in bathrooms?! While some stylish design accents and colors can give a bathroom an inviting look, neatly tiled ones give a clean and hygienic feel.

Like every other part of the house, a bathroom reflects the tastes and lifestyle of the homeowner beyond the shape and space given by the architect or builder.

Decorating a bathroom with the right layout providing enough space for toiletries, styling appliances, mirrors, shelves etc. is quite a complex procedure which has to be achieved without taking way light and ventilation that are essential to maintain a healthy bathroom.

All said and done, bathrooms do not necessarily have to be large areas; even small spaces can be ideally decorated to give them a glamorous or cozy look. Towel Rail in Ireland

There is no dearth of ideas to make large bathrooms look even more spacious and luxurious; but the trick is to make a small bathroom look more spacious and inviting with intelligent décor and space saving ideas that do not need the services of a genius.

Space savers

  • Shelves, ledges and cupboards that fix neatly on to walls or fit into corners free up space
  • Vanity cabins and elaborate wash basins are not the way to go for small bathrooms; wall sinks or antique wash bowls raised off the floor are a good option.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

  • A long wall mirror reflects space and makes small spaces appear larger
  • Smaller mirrors for shaving or removing eye make-up etc. placed strategically near the wash counter also enhances space


  • Adding a few bright, flooring or wall tiles interspersed with lighter colored ones add glamour
  • A bare wall can have a small photo or picture gallery to add a fun element
  • Shower curtains, bathmats of one color scheme or theme gives a personal touch Don’t clutter
  • The wisest thing to do in a smaller bathroom is to keep things off the floor; however, remember that cluttering the walls with too many cabinets is going to shrink space. A single rack or shelf to hold some towels and toiletry will do the trick. Robe Hooks & Towel Hooks
  • A small cabinet above toilet flush or behind door flush against the wall can be utilized to hide things you want to put away

Appropriate lighting

  • If the bathroom has a window or yawning to let in natural light, let it be; just enhance it with a light summery print will add extra brightness. Concealed track lighting instead of harsh white lighting is more efficient and energy saving. Dull lighting is unsuitable for a bathroom.

Simple is best

  • Adding too much stuff may leave you with things that clash and don’t fit. In a small bathroom, just one statement piece, like a mirror, a cupboard, a rack or a lighting piece is enough to take the focus away from the small space. Bathroom Soap Dispensers Ireland

The motto for decorating a small bathroom is to maximize the visual space by sticking to one neutral color choice, except for a patch of tiling or a bright curtain to break the monotony.

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