Small homes are the norm today as real estate prices have skyrocketed in recent years.  Reduction in family size, reduced affordability of big homes, and living in small flats is the new norm for working professionals these days.  However, turning these homes into being spacious, comfortable, neat, and accommodating of all your belongings is possible through interior designing and furnishing.

Bedroom fitting and accessories:

Bedroom is the only place in your house that truly defines the comfort and relaxation level, a place that is a perfect reflection of your personality. Some of the most fitted, suitable, and most advanced facilities available today as bedroom fittings include:

  • A master bed
  • Walk-in wardrobe
  • Drawer systems
  • Sliding door fittings
  • Wall-mounted bed fittings
  • Bed lift fittings.  
With these bedroom fittings, it makes you feel as if you are on top of the world.

Be it the basic design or the luxurious finish that you prefer for the most advanced bedroom fittings and accessories, always look for the best quality, in terms of having both sturdy design, also improving the overall look and longevity of the bedroom.  Moreover, adding safe door locks such as biometric locks to the wardrobes is an added advantage.

At South India Agencies, our team is well-equipped to assist and guide you to choose the right product within your budget from the wide range of brands and display of products available.  SIA also installs the hardware assuring you excellent post-purchase services.

The bed fittings to the wardrobe pull-out hanger offer you great space to keep your valuables thus making your bedroom look smart and flattering.  Do check out the additional sliding door systems and the glass fittings at the corner for a more classy look.

Use multifunctional furniture:

Under-bed storage:

Opting for under-bed storage is an excellent option when it comes to bedroom space optimization.  Select sleek, contemporary built-ins for additional storage that will maximize storage to a great extent, and the best part is that you cannot make out that it is there.

Sleeper sofa:

A convertible sofa or sofa cum bed can double up as a bed in your bedroom.  It is also one of the best preferred choices for bedroom space optimization. Bedroom furniture could include ottomans which serve the purpose of being used both as seats and coffee tables and could be used as a dining table, work desk, etc.

When you have guests at home, a sleeper sofa can be transformed into a couch, and back to a comfortable bed as and when required. A floating desk with shelves can be used as a workstation with enough space for a computer or notepad, an excellent space-optimizing solution for the current WFH option.

Keep the interiors light, bright, and airy.

To make your bedroom look spacious the secret lies with the painting chosen with even tone shades, along with the lighting for the walls and ceiling of your room, making your room appear a lot bigger.

Choosing light colors reflect light and when well-lit rooms or spaces receive sufficient sunlight they would look spacious and airy. Furthermore, having a light and bright background gives the bedroom fittings and furniture fittings an eminent look. Using a full-length mirror could also make the bedroom look spacious. A wardrobe mirror pull-out is also a good option to optimize space. Bedroom Space optimization is the key element for any compact bedroom. The comfort factor lies in creating a space-efficient bedroom, within your budget.  Make sure to select the sliding door fittings to accommodate your budget as well.

Get a sliding door wardrobe for compact spaces. They are space-efficient, practical, and appealing. A sliding door wardrobe opens horizontally thereby optimizing space when compared to one that swings open occupying space.

Use retractable and wall-mounted furniture fittings and furnishings

Small flats are a trend these days. The retractable furniture is a boon that you could make use of, for bedroom space optimization. With a retractable bed or dining table, you can not only optimize space but also use that space for other purposes depending on your requirement throughout the day. Furthermore, you could also utilize most of your walls, using wall mount furniture fittings to mount your flat-screen TV, use wall-mounted racks to keep books and decorative articles, etc.  Use door organizers to be space-efficient.

Interior designing is an art form of beautifying the interiors. Optimizing space in your homes and making use of the right kind of bedroom fittings, bed fittings, wardrobe fittings, furniture fittings, and furniture accessories from SIA will help you to be creative and design your imagination, ensuring a super comfortable and cozy bedroom

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