Benefits of Email Marketing for your Online Business

Among various strategies of Digital Marketing Email Marketing is also one strategy which is helpful in online business. It includes emails that are used to send commercials, invitation for business, petition for sales and donations. Email marketing is process which is used to send viable messages to the targeted audience through emails. It is a best way to approach many people at similar time to persuade them to start a venture.


Email marketing Server is the fastest and most efficient way of sending emails as it can send unlimited range of emails. It is safe and sound way at very affordable budget.

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What is meant by Email Marketing Server?

This is an application used to complete message and convey the emails through servers. The server keeps the bulk of incoming and outgoing emails. Generally, hardware or software is used to send the emails.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is highly efficient server that stores a huge volume of emails ensuring best sending of messages. It is quite different from normal email server. It has antispam filters which ensures the delivery of mails to anticipated inboxes. SMTP relay server is doing great job in digital marketing world as it is reliable and affordable.


What are Types of Email Marketing?

Five types of email marketing are commonly used:

  • Newsletter email:

This is a tool that is used to interconnect normally with the subscribers. It helps in sending data for the email boxes. The letters contain manuscript or a collection of pictures and configured text.


  • Lead development email:

Marketers mostly send this kind of email to the customers who are at initial stage of thinking to final stage of purchase

in order to get the leads.


  • Advertising email:

It is relatively cheap and direct type of email that is directly sent to the prospective customers at the same time.

  • Innovative email:

Innovative email focuses on the top line rather than bottom line, thus ensuring high performance of emails.


  • Analytical email:

It is a method through which subscribers interrelate with the email promotions. It helps in collection and analyzing of data through google analytics.


What are Email Marketing Tools?

The tools which are considered best in this strategy are as follows:

  • CRM:

This tool is considered best for business to business (B2B) companies.

  • Active-campaign:

It is best for small scale business.

  • Send in Blue:

It is helpful in transactional emails.

  • Autopilot:

It is useful for automation in marketing.

  • Drip:

It is useful in e commerce industry as well as small and medium sectors.


How does Email Marketing help online Businesses?

It is effective to use mailing methods to improve the content, brands and services. These are some benefits of this digital marketing strategy:

  • It helps to communicate the targeted customers thus confirming that emails are persistently going to the customers. This helps in developing trust between business and client.
  • It helps in getting feedback from the customers whether they support the business or not. This is the best way to calculate NPS of business.
  • By using references and appraisals, increased sales ratio can easily be detected.
  • Statistics of business can easily be measured within minutes.
  • Emails are good source of grabbing organic traffic to the website.
  • It takes less time to start a campaign by sending emails.
  • Email automation helps to remind the customer about the pending transactions.


Why Email Marketing is necessary for online business?

Most of people have a question why there is need for emails in marketing purpose. Hence, it is a method to communicate the clients via messages to get connected with the online business. Increased sales of business, higher leads and increased website traffic are primary aims of every marketing strategy. In order to get customer trust, email marketing is a very effective way.

Having a good check and balance on email lists ensures a positive growth rate in business.


What does G-suite help in email marketing?

Google workspace for work earlier known as G-suite is a collection of web applications specifically designed for businesses. This app changes an ordinary Gmail account into a commanding email marketing platform. It is the highest email delivering server in world. Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar, Sheets and Docs Are G-suite google applications.


How Navicosoft provides its email marketing services?

Navicosoft is providing its complete set of email services all over the world. Committed servers, budget friendly VPS and webhosting, best SEO packages are supporting businesses to a large scale. Navicosoft has highly educated group of expertise for email marketing server.

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