Benefits of massage pillows

Benefits of massage pillows

Most people these days, especially those who work in offices, face back, neck and shoulder issues. They must sit in one place for long periods of time. So they really need to relax at the end of the day. Massage is considered to be one of the best ways to get rid of these problems. To do this, there are many massage pillows available in the market.


The massage pillow is a useful equipment that helps to make a useful massage therapy session. This equipment typically performs a kneading technique, massaging the neck, upper, and lower back on both sides of the spine. With it you can start your massage almost anywhere, on the sofa, bed, chair, armchair or even on the floor.


Massage pillows are soothing, comfortable, and portable devices that are growing in popularity. These pillows help relax the whole body. Massage Center in Naif


This equipment offers many advantages, which are listed below:


  1. A massage cushion relieves muscle fatigue and is ideal for long distance riders or for people who sit in a certain spot for a long time.


  1. They help relax muscles, joints and stretch connective tissue. They also help reduce muscle cramps and spasms.


  1. It improves and stimulates blood circulation and relaxes the nervous system.


  1. They even strengthen muscles and skin tone.


  1. It also improves lymphatic drainage of metabolic waste and reduces symptoms of disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, chronic, arthritic and acute pain syndromes, myofascial pain, headaches and sports injuries.


  1. It relieves chronic pain problems. It easily penetrates deep into the muscle layer and helps speed healing from injuries and illnesses.


There are many companies in the market that deal with a variety of similar equipment. Just beware of companies that produce duplicate massage products. A pillow with the wrong message can create a lot of problems. They can also worsen back pain as well as shoulder pain. Therefore, I will advise you to conduct adequate research before purchasing such a product in the market.


A massage pillow is an inexpensive yet convenient way to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain. It is mainly designed to bring comfort and satisfaction to people who are not comfortable visiting the massage parlor.

Basic methods of massage therapy

Relaxation and rejuvenation are the path to health and well-being, and there is activity to access this place of peace and tranquility. Massage therapy is one of the very useful aspects in preventing pain, muscle spasms and the stresses of everyday life. Showing some of our outstanding massage videos demonstrates the importance of basic and advanced massage techniques. A registered masseur who has experience and knowledge of various techniques professionally narrates and clearly teaches these video massage jobs.


In the 19th century, Swedish professor Henry Ling argued that massage is a combination of three movements: Efflerage, Kneading and kneading, and Percussion. Nowadays, massage methods are an updated combination of efflerage, kneading and kneading, percussion, friction and vibration. In our massage videos they are carefully covered by our licensed masseur.


Strokes –


  1. Squeeze (stroke): Use the entire flat surface of the hands. Prolonged caresses with fluid and slippery movements promote blood circulation and increase the level of relaxation.
  2. Kneading (kneading): Use your thumb and fingers while grasping the muscles of the skin and the surface with gentle, gentle movements. Squeeze, roll, squeeze and lower them into place. The very precise movements are very good for adults and children. Massage in Naif
  3. Percussion: Use both hands with quick, stimulating movements. a) tapping – using your fingertips; b) relief – the use of clasped hand movements; c) hacking – the use of cutting movements such as karate (open hand); d) slapping – the use of open and flat palms; or e) punches – the use of two fists; f) Tapping – the use of fingertips during percussion type percussion movements. It stimulates muscles and nerves.
  4. Friction: circular movements performed in slow, long and smooth movements. Contact with the skin, in which the superficial tissues move over the deep tissues. Improves congestion and toxic waste buildup and destruction of adhesions around joints and bone areas. After this stroke, the pour should be applied, since the local temperature is high.
  5. Vibration: Use whole hand or fingers very quickly back and forth with shaking or shaking movements. Particularly used for the upper back, buttocks and thighs. It is very effective in stimulating terminal nerve branches or nerve centers.

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