Benefits of remembering the 99 Names of Allah

Since the beginning of time, Muslims believe that Allah has around 99 names that are commonly referred to as”the Asmaul Husna. The list of names is full of great ones that are profound in each word.

Muslims believe that by memorizing those 100 names of Allah that they will receive more blessings from Allah as well as their lives and even in the afterlife. This is the reason that many Muslims strive to memorize these names.

The real purpose of learning the names of Allah isn’t just to be able to recall Allah however; they also want to be able to apply the significances in their daily lives. As for the subject, here we will discuss some advantages of memorizing it, as you would get the benefits of studying al Quran every day.

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Receive a reward from Allah

Muslims are aware that they would like their life be blessed by Allah. It is a great feeling to begin each day with the blessing of Allah. When you begin to memorize the names that are the names of Allah, Muslims believe that they will receive a reward from Allah.

Each reward given by Allah increases the gratitude inside every Muslim’s soul as they perform Duas to protect themselves from shirk. This will ensure that they get an enlightened life, which will last for his eternal life and afterlife. In line with the practice of remembering these names, they could be doing good deeds or any alternative way to honor Muslims.

Additionally, it mentions the Quran Surah Al-A’raf verse 180.

And Allah has Asma’ul-Husna (the best names), so ask Him by calling it Asma’ul-Husna and leave those who misinterpret His names. They will be rewarded for what they have done.” (7:180)


Memorize the name of Allah

Muslims have been taught that they must be shrewder and more humble in their approach to every challenge in the world. They believe that by demonstrating this way that they will receive more blessings and rewards from Allah. One of the best acts that Muslims can perform is to Quran memorization online in the name of Allah.

One of the Names of Allah is Ar Rahman, which means that those who recite the names that they will be rid of the burden on their heart. After they are free of this burden, Muslims believe that they will be wiser to make any decision regarding a matter.

It is mentioned in the Quran Surah Al Isra Verse 110.

“Say (Muhammad), “Call on Allah or call on Ar-Rahman. With any name, you can call, because He has the best names (Asma’ul husna) and do not raise your voice in prayer and do not (also) lower it and seek a middle way between the two.”(17:110)

Gain some benefits from daily dhikr

Muslims believe there is only one god, Allah. In a few passages of the Quran that it is their faith to place their faith in Allah. Additionally, Allah has 99 names which have a variety of wonderful significance to the names.

Remembering the 99 names of Allah will help Muslims more confident in Allah. It is mentioned in Quran Surah Taha Verse 8 as well as Surah the verse of Al Hars below. The act of reciting any of these names could help you gain some benefits from daily dhikr.

“(He is) Allah, there is no god but Him, who has the best names.” (QS 20:8)


He is Allah, there is no god but Him. The Maharaja, the Most Holy, the Most Prosperous, the Protector of Security, the Keeper of Salvation, the Mighty, the Almighty, the Possessor of All Majesty, Glory be to Allah from what they associate.” (QS 59:23)


Guided by Allah

As Muslims learn the names of Allah They believe they will be guided by Allah in all the ways they go in their lives. In addition, they will learn the easiest way to make decisions, even in the most difficult portion.

Muslims believe that by learning the names of Allah that they are able to accomplish anything so they are conforming to Allah’s rules. The surah mentions Al Hasyr the verse 24, below, that it is one advantages of studying Asmaul Husna.

“It is Allah Who Creates, Who Creates, Who Forms Forms, He has beautiful names. What is in the heavens and on the earth glorifies Him. And He is the Mighty, the Wise.” (QS 59:24)


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