Benefits of using hand sanitizers

We all know that as much as our hands serve us, they also have the ability to bring in contact of germs in our mouth, eyes, nose, and other body parts. Although the best way to get rid of these germs are to wash the hands with soaps and warm many times a day, another worthy way to keep them clean from germs is to use the hand sanitizers. 

So if you have already made this as one of the product in your list of shopping for a month, you might also need to know its benefits before you use them on your hands:

Benefits of using hand sanitizers 

  • Portability

The main advantage of the hand sanitizers are that they are portable as they come in a cute bottles. And as they are easy to carry with you in your bag or in pockets, they can be convenient to use anywhere you travel.  You don’t require water to use and clean with the hand sanitizer and doesn’t require towel or tissues to dry them off from your hands. 

  • Cleaning your hands in no time

One of the top benefits of the hand sanitizer is that it sanitizes bacteria, fungal and other germs from your hands. They kill almost 99% of all the germs that lay on your hands and are a perfect alternative to clean your hands with soap and water. 

  • Kills microorganisms

It is highly common that we come in contact with bacteria and other viruses while we travel around. But it is now necessary to keep you uninfected with those bacteria, virus and other germs entering inside your body while you are still on travel and this can happen with the help of the hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers for bacterial infection, fungal and virus infections are best to carry along. 

In general bacteria are of two variants – transient and resident. The former lives under the skin cells and latter lives on the surface of the skin and can be easily be removed by the hand sanitizers.

  • Perfect for sensitive skin

Unlike hand soaps where there are compounds that irritates the sensitive skin, hand sanitizers are good for all skin types. Using commercial soaps in the public places might causes itching or other skin infections, while carrying personal hand sanitizers eliminates the possibilities of these infections and keeps our hand clean.

  • Shareable among groups

Best sanitizers in India are manufactured to share in the groups as people move out in crowds wish to keep them clean from germs and other bacteria that come in contact. It is advisable to share some hand sanitizer before you shake hands or having a meal in the public places. This increases the level of hygiene and creates a touch less situation for everyone around. 

Other benefits of hand sanitizer include:

  • Good moisturizer
  • Can customize with flavours 
  • Less risk of disease spreading
  • Softer feeling hands
  • Safe for kids and can send them to school
  • Washing is easy without the requirement of water
  • Non alcoholic


The benefits of the hand sanitizers have increases tremendously during the pandemic situations and using it on the hand avoids spreading of the germs or other bacteria while you still can keep yourself safe from contacting us and our family members.

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