Best Copyright Protection Service In Mumbai, India – JGBD

Jehangir Gulabbhai & Bilimoria & Daruwalla is an Intellectual Property and civil litigation firm widely known for its expertise and experience in handling a wide variety of Intellectual Property and civil law matters.

The firm primarily specializes in all matters related to Intellectual Property Law including Trade Marks, Patents, Designs, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Confidential Information, Technical ‘Know-How’, Food Safety & Standards, Legal Metrology and conducting Criminal Prosecutions in respect of Trade Mark and Copyright matters.

The firm also handles matters relating to General Practice and Litigation, Arbitration and Conciliation, Corporate Law, Consumer Protection and Restrictive Trade Practices, Succession Law, Specific Performance of Contracts, Conveyancing, etc.

We provide various services for copyright prosecution including:

  • Filing of the Application for registration of copyright with the Registrar of Copyrights
  • Dealing with the objections of the Registrar
  • Attending hearings
  • Getting the work registered in the appropriate category
  • Filing of rectification
  • Drafting agreements for licensing/assignment of Copyrights

We also provide litigation services for Copyright Protection including:

  • Suits for infringement of Copyright
  • Suits for Breach of Confidential Information and Trade Secrets
  • Drafting and sending Cease and Desist Notices
  • Replying to the Cease and Desist Notices
  • Filing actions including Criminal Complaints
  • Defending actions.


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