Best Innovative eco-energy companies of 2021

Global warming, soil erosion, deforestation, pollution, and mother nature have suffered dramatically in human beings’ hands. However, all is not lost, and however late we might think it is to save our planet, it is never too late to try. The world is rapidly moving towards environmental solutions to ensure that its natural resources are not depleted. Many organizations around the world have come up with eco-friendly ways to save our planet. From energy conservation, forest conservation to food preservation, many great minds have come together to create the most efficient ideas for a greener earth. Various companies have come up with very effective innovations, and here is the best of these companies in 2021.

  1. Carnegie Clean Energy – using Sea waves to produce energy and prevent tsunamis.

The world has many resources to offer, and while we have used some of them almost to depletion and extinction, the oceans have proven once again to be a vast area to cover. The world of wave energy has not been fully explored, maybe because of the resources and technology required to make it possible. However, Carnegie has dared to take the step and tap into the wave energy market to harness energy from sea waves.

Carnegie has come up with devices that provide energy for offshore applications like in vessels at sea. It has used cutting-edge technology, a very experienced team of experts, and innovations from artificial intelligence to run several projects like the CETO 5. With collaborations with other international organizations, Carnegie is set to advance its technology and develop more inventions that will make good use of wave energy.

  1. Tesla Solar- solar panels

Electricity is produced in various ways, which may sometimes pose a threat to the environment. As we move towards embracing technology, our home appliances are not left behind, and the truth is; currently, almost 90% of appliances consume electricity. Additionally, electricity bills hold a large percentage of our monthly bills. Therefore, how can we ensure that we have enough electricity to sustain our lives and still not threaten our environment? Thanks to Tesla Solar panels, this is not just a wild thought anymore.

Tesla has come up with low-cost solar panels for your roofs and with a money-back guarantee. These panels enable you to save costs and reduce your dependence on the power grid. With Tesla solar, you can take control of your electricity bills. They have a sleek and simple design with no visible grid and concealed edges for a minimal aesthetic. They are durable and highly efficient in converting sunlight to energy. Your power wall is bundled with every purchase and makes it possible to store energy for use during an outage.

Additionally, these systems are safe and reliable; they can be installed on any roof, even those with complex angles. There is 24/7 mobile monitoring that helps you set your preferences, watch your energy sourcing and storage in real-time, and control your electricity. Tesla has made all these simple just by the tap of a button.

  1. Span- smart electric panel.

Electricity is such a big part of our lives, and ways to make it clean and affordable are some of the providers’ priorities. Span has not been left behind in the quest to bring back electricity and power control to homeowners. Therefore, it has reinvented a century-old electric panel and created a smart panel that replaces your existing panels and gives you control of every circuit in your house through your phone. You can turn them on and off even when you are miles away from home.

Ever wondered how your home is sourcing and storing energy? This innovation breaks it down for you and narrows it down to your energy consumption and circuit control. By pairing Span panels with home batteries, you are protected from fire and weather-related outages that no one is prepared for. These panels are versatile; they are resistant to rain, snow, and heat, withstand weather conditions outdoors and blend well indoors.

  1. Sealed- innovative insulation to save energy.

For the longest time, our homes have behaved similarly to the weather outside, mimicking the temperatures outdoors with every passing season, the heat in the summer and cold in the winter. While human beings have not sat back and let this deter them from coming up with working solutions, some of these conditions have been stuck in the past, making it hard to provide just the correct temperatures. Technology has advanced, and sealed has used this to its advantage to come up with an innovation for smart insulation of energy in homes.

This innovation combines the latest weatherproofing, HVAC systems, and home technology to ensure that whether you need heating or cooling in your home, energy does not go to waste, and your home is at the right and comfortable temperatures all year round. This innovation modernizes your home and creates a cleaner and healthier environment to live in. it uses advanced heat pump technology with in-built air filtering and is powered by clean energy. It aims to reduce energy consumption at least by three times and covers upgrade upfront costs. Sealed offers quality, affordability, and ease, partnering with leading energy providers and contractors nationally and in your area respectively to ensure that their innovation is a right fit for your home.

  1. Apeel Sciences- food gone good

One thing that still beats us other than our immortality is how to make food “immortal.” There are millions of farms globally, but this is not a guarantee of adequate food to eradicate global hunger. In every step of food production, there is always an obstacle, lack of resources like electricity and infrastructures like silos for food storage by producers, power transport networks that delay the transport of food from one area to another. Once they reach the consumers, the food has a very short lifespan, and sadly, millions of tons go bad before they are consumed.

Apeelscientists have come up with a food coating solution that elongated the life of these foods. Using natural materials from the foods themselves, the seeds, peels, and pulps, these scientists have created an additional peel to protect the foods from going bad through oxidation and water loss. This extra coating retains moisture in the food and keeps off oxygen. This protective layer is tasteless and odorless and therefore does not affect the natural taste and smell of the foods. We still have a long way to eradicate global hunger, but Apeel’s innovation definitely gives us a starting point; it is the genesis of this eradication.


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