Best Motherboard for i9 9900k

When the Intel Core i9 9900K came out, it attacked the market with eight strengths and unknown clock frequencies that its competitor Ryzen 2700X could easily cover. This isn’t the first time Intel has so many cores, but this is the first time a main processor has benefited from many extreme accelerators. Significant improvements over its predecessor, the 8th generation Intel Core processor; Stable 5 GHz clock speed on all cores and durable IHS toner ensure high temperature control that lasts 80 degrees even at acceleration speeds, the Intel Core i9 9900K processor will soon become one processor. hottest. However, the best motherboard or i9 9900k is a very expensive processor. And who wants to invest so much in it, who wants a processor that shuts down the processor and prevents full use of the powerful i9 9900K? The best Z390 Gaming I9-9900K main circuit Millions of questions have appeared today. What is the best main circuit for your building? Which chipset deserves to be avoided by all the most powerful processor applications in the world? All your questions will be answered by selecting the Top 5 Core Chipset (Z390 Chipset) from the list you need to add to your list of favorite systems. ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Pros:

  • Aura Sync RGB Lighting
  • Reliable thermal control with 8 + 4-phase VRM
  • Maximum temperatures above the optimum range


  • Tighten screw for both grooves M.2

The best motherboards cannot be said in the ASUS market with a large market share. At this point, they should burn the brightness of the Z390 with the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Formula XI, just with the name you want to be a part of. And right out of the box, the Formula XI has a matte chrome or matte black tube, and there is an ugly person in the room. It has three PCIe slots and two M.2 ports. It is important that the MUS screwdriver on the ASUS transport line is too tight, so make sure to use the correct screwdriver. When you touch the disc, release it as it does not come with the antistatic bag. Let us now move on to a critical aspect, VRM. It has an amazing 4-phase design with Vishay Silicon X 50A two-phase MOSFETs. It has demonstrated the performance of the stars at speed, consumes less energy and drives the speed of water and wind significantly. For good input, it has 8 + 4 pins, which should be more than enough for acceleration needs. Not required, but the 8 + 4 stage design was perfect. In addition, it has a clear CMOS button and two BIOS buttons. Surprisingly enough, the high-tech thermal design of VRMs allows the optimal calorific value to be maintained at 40-50 degrees at high power at very high speeds. You want to keep the temperature between 50 and 60 degrees so that the tolerance is well maintained when the atmosphere is warm. It has DDR4 memory clocks that support up to 4400 MHz. Now, let’s talk about sound and cooling systems. It uses the highest quality FX audio solution, which shows good test results by obtaining observations from frequency response curves. Proper microphone players play an important role for players, helping them to hear the voices of team teams clearly. Note if you are getting sound from the motherboard, make sure the volume is below 90. It has 8 PWM fan titles that can be easily configured via Fan Xpert 4 or UEFI BIOS. Each header can be configured to control three user-defined heat sensors and respond to them for load-dependent cooling. As for BIOS, ASUS has all the essential features with speed, LLC level, suitable memory presets and at least 5 GHz. Of course it’s a very fast LN2 button and so is Dr.Light. LED error correction. Along with all ASUS features like OptiMem 2 and Supreme FX, this drive just stays up. ASUS ROG Maximus XI formula is not cheap enough. But if you don’t want the best, you can’t go wrong with this board. Easy to navigate and understand BIOS, 8 titles from PWM fans, powerful VRM design to keep temperatures at an acceptable level and much more. You can only use the latest ASUS ROG Maximus XI formula if you know exactly what you are looking for in the acceleration section. So, if you don’t have enough resources and don’t care about being the best, you may want to consider cheaper options. MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390 Pros:

  • LN2 Cooling
  • Maximum speed is possible
  • 16 VRM stages


  • No PLX chips
  • High price tag

The MSI MEG Z390 is the main body of the 9900K, the inside of this motherboard is the best gaming experience. I mean you only live once so try not to follow the spirit! Under the title “magic”, the MSI MEG Z390 sets a very high standard, especially when there is all the competition in the motherboard market. In addition, the MEG MSI is one of the best motherboards, viz. But how well is the motherboard given in the second order? Read on to find out. It’s still a mystery that MSI didn’t add a PLX chip to the disk. We have three in the M.2 set (supported by NVMe, SATA and PCIe) called “Shield Frozer”. The secret of this title is the M.2 heat curve on both sides. In addition, there is a Turbo U.2 SSD slot, which is really sacred due to its extremely fast transfer. This disc has a zip code, which is a definite plus. Support two-way SLI, but you can use this app to enable four-way cross points, because the bandwidth does not block the cross section. In addition, the drive has a BIOS switch, which means you can enjoy the same BIOS. If you cancel, you have a second BIOS to override the first BIOS. Below the program is another package of useful OC feature. The brightest spot you will find on the motherboard is the 16-phase V core VRM, which is suitable for the 9th generation processor. It is well designed with MSI and its performance is comparable to that of GPU VRM. We all know how much better a GPM VRM is than a VRM motherboard. It should be noted that it has an excellent LN2 system for ultimate acceleration compatible with this VRM. DDR4 support has four protected memory slots that support up to 64 GB and 4600 MHz at high speeds. Are you distracted because you are in no rush because you think it is very difficult? No worries, MSI has provided a disk / acceleration key so that you can adjust the various settings in the BIOS so that you can adjust the speed / performance speed (within safe limits) without having to enter it manually. In terms of aesthetics, the “Infinite Mystical Light” with 16.8 million colors and 27 effects is amazing. You know how to train an RGB strip like a rainbow LED, add to a particular title to create an RGB gaming computer. The cooling system is also not on the back, it has 6 fan heads, all at the top, as it can provide access to coolers and AIO fans, for example. This motherboard is an e-ATX format factor, so check the situation first before choosing to invest. With MSI MEG Z390 ‘Turbo U.2 SSD slot, extra PCI-E x16 space and excellent audio chip, it can produce superb drives. With a very low price, the performance of the additional plate accelerator and LN2 cooling system should convince you of these features.

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