Best Practices Followed by Product Design Company in Mumbai for SaaS App Design

SaaS app design follows the same UI UX design principles as other software and its popularity has soared in recent times. Even giants like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Apple have switched to SaaS model for better economics.

User experience is the key differentiator when it comes to SaaS platforms. You would choose a product that is more user-friendly and appealing over a complex one. Hence, the benefits of implementing UX best practices for your SaaS platform is manifold.

An experienced product design company in Mumbai like Octet Design Studio understands that the design of SaaS products must be easy to use and as intuitive as possible. See how they achieve it by following these below best practices:

1. Easy Navigation

Navigation is the first and foremost thing while designing a SaaS product. The product design agency ensures that it is intuitive and simple. The home page is the most important page, where it houses all of the important information, as well as provides navigation to other pages so that the users can find exactly what they’ve come here for.

2. Simple Sign-Up And Registration Process

The signup and registration process should be quick and easy. Otherwise it is a huge wastage of time for the user if they have to navigation through different pages just to accomplish one simple task.

As a result, one of the most important aspects of SaaS product design is providing easy sign-up and onboarding flow. The users will be motivated to engage with the product if the registration process is simple. On the other hand, a difficult or lengthy sign-up process, on the other hand, will drive the users away.

3. Engaging Dashboards

The dashboard is the first screen where the user lands after logging into a SaaS product. This is why you, an experienced product design agency in Mumbai like Octet Design Studio devotes a huge amount of time and effort to refine and polish the dashboard design while taking care of its user experience too.

Final Thoughts

The key driver of SaaS growth is a good user experience and an appealing interface. It plays an important role to attract and retain the acquired users. There is no pre-defined way to design a SaaS product. 

If you are a SaaS company and want to delight your users with exceptional UX and stand out in the competition, consider hiring a product design company in Mumbai like us.

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