Best Reasons Of Rackspace Email Login Issues

Rackspace’s email system has been the victim of numerous cyber attacks over the past several weeks. Apparently, some hackers are getting really good at these endeavors, as they have been making it quite easy for them to gain access to email accounts and then to completely delete them. While this is a well-known problem, there are still other reasons of Rackspace email login problems. One of the most common problems people have is that they either have forgotten their username or they have forgotten their password. If you have had any of these problems in the past, you should read on.

Best Causes of Rackspace Email login Issues

Reason 1

There are a couple of ways that Rackspace email servers could be hacked. The first is through an attack through a virus – by sending an email from someone with a virus attachment that has infected their computer. These fake emails often contain a link that will point to something download once the reader clicks on it. Most of the time, the reader doesn’t realize that the link is a scam and that it is dangerous to click on it. In some cases, the hackers gain access to the email account through some sort of keystroke capturing technique.

Reason 2

Rackspace email logins are vulnerable to keyloggers. A keylogger is a program that records all of the computer user’s keystrokes. After gaining access to the email address, a keylogger can search through all of the files on the user’s computer to discover passwords and other information. This information can then be used for identity theft purposes. If your Rackspace email has been compromised by a keylogger, you will need to contact internet security immediately to have the problem fixed.

Reason 3

Another way that Rackspace email login can be compromise is through a virus attack. When a virus infiltrates a Rackspace email account, it will search through every file on the user’s computer to find password and other sensitive information. Once it has found the information, the virus will attempt to change the username on the account. Changing the username is suppose to make the email account completely unavailable to anyone.

Reason 4

However, some viruses actually have the ability to change the password directly. Even if the original password has been compromise, these unscrupulous hackers can change the password and access the email account. This means that an already compromised email can easily become a goldmine for criminal activities. In addition, if the user did not change their password after logging in, their account may remain compromised. These criminals can then use this email address to make purchases from any number of online stores.

Reason 5

Another major reason of Rackspace webmail login being at risk comes from phishing. Phishing occurs when an individual or group of individuals attempt to obtain your personal and private information. They do this by sending you emails impersonating legitimate businesses or websites. For example, someone may send you a link that appears to be from” Sears” or “JCPenny.”

Reason 6

If you respond to the link, you are giving away your password. In many cases, these emails come from fake websites that are set up just to steal your information. By changing your password on your Rackspace email accounts, you can avoid these phishing attempts and stay safe from any possible harm. The only way to safeguard your Rackspace email accounts is to change the password on a regular basis. Do not use the same password on all accounts.


While most Rackspace email providers provide free email addresses, it is also possible to acquire premium email addresses by purchasing them from third-party resellers. These third-party vendors usually offer email addresses that are hard to get through normal sources. In addition, they often offer premium email addresses that have extremely limited availability. By using one of the many email addresses offer with the help of third-party vendors, you can ensure that your security is safe and you will never be catch off guard by anyone who has access to your email address.

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