Best USB Type-C Cables in the Market

With the advancement of new technological devices, more and more mobile companies are working towards making their products user-friendly. Companies are manufacturing mobile phones while keeping in mind the aspect of ‘compatibility’ with other products as well. So, most likely, you have noticed that our phones, (especially Androids), share the same key functions and charging points. As a result, there are several alternative mobile accessories options available in the market that are compatible with different brands’ phone. One such mobile accessory is USB-C Charger Cable, which is the most commonly purchased item.

Mobile Accessories UK claims to offer the Best USB C Cable for Android, being 100% A-Tick approved and ISO 900 certified stock. This UK-based mobile accessories company has been in the game for a long and has not only survived a competitive market but also given top-rated products to its customers. The USB-C Charger Cable at Mobile Accessories UK comes in a power-packed package that includes;

  • Premium Copper Wire
  • Premium Chipset
  • 4 Amperes
  • USB-IF Certified
  • PVC or Braided Cable

Most USB Charger Cables don’t live up to their claims but, the charging cables offered at Mobile Accessories UK are able to provide the guaranteed results; Faster Charging and High-Speed Data Transfer. Our busy life calls for a smart and quick solution which is fortunately available in the form of a USB C Charger Cable. Now, you can sync data and charge at the same time with this best USB-C Cable with high-powered amperes (2.4A). The premium chipset and quality copper wire enable faster charging in only a few minutes. There is also an option available to select from a PVC or Braided Texture cable both of which are sturdy and long-lasting. The durability of this USB-C Charger Cables tested and lasts up to 20,000 bends. That’s not it, the options available for cable length, (up to 3Meters), make it easier for the customer to select their desire length, which is not the case in standard charging cables that come with the phone in packaging. In terms of compatibility, the USB Charger Cable is unmatchable. This charging cable is fitting for all USB-C, Type C cables, and this aspect was specifically prioritized in the manufacturing of the item as claimed by Mobile Accessories UK You can easily share this USB Charger Cable with your friends who have an Android phone with Type-C Charging port; Galaxy S10, S10e, S9, Note 8&9, S8, S8 +, Razer, Google Pixel 2, Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, LG V30, V20, G6, G5, Sony Xperia XZ, Huawei Honor 9&8, Motorola Moto X4, Z2, HTC U11 And All USB-C Compatible.

Moving on, it’s quite an easy process to order your USB C Charger Cable from Mobile Accessories UK – just select your desired item, even better, select 2 and get the third item for free, put it in the cart, and check-out by paying online. Another perk of buying the best USB-C Cable from the website is, Shipping is free! Click and receive the items at the convenience of your home at your doorstep.

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