Beware ! Your biological clock is ticking. Freeze your eggs NOW !

Infertility is heartbreaking for couples who wish to have children. Some may have a successful first pregnancy but may not be able to conceive the second time. The hardships, emotional, mental and physical trauma one goes through in both the situations is immeasurable. One of the causes of infertility could be Early Ovarian Ageing (EOA). Let us evaluate the causes, diagnosis and treatment to achieve pregnancy despite having EOA. Common causes of EOA: • Endometriosis       • Previous Ovarian/Tubal surgeries • Autoimmune disorders • Diabetes • H/O chemotherapy/radiotherapy • Smoking • Genetic abnormalities • Sometimes without any cause- idiopathic Diagnosis of EOA: Hormone test and a ultrasound scan immediately after the onset of periods to check antral follicle count. Treatment: Women with EOA can be treated by increasing the quality of the remaining follicles using supplements like Dhea, Zinc, melatonin, antioxidants like coenzyme Q, vitamin E, L- Leucine, lycopene, selenium etc. Patients can conceive with ART like IUI/IVF. But the success of these treatments depends on the quality and quantity of eggs. Women should get their ovarian reserve test to take necessary precautions like freezing their eggs at an early age, which can later be used and plan accordingly. One of the available options for women with EOA is to use donor eggs. An IVF cycle can be done with eggs from an anonymous donor and the husband’s sperms. This is only done if the couple give their fully knowledgeable consent. Some couples may even decide to go for an IVF with a donor embryo – where the eggs and the sperms are both taken from anonymous donors. This is needed only if both the partners have severe  fertility issues, necessitating such a treatment.  Freezing of eggs before one’s ovaries reach ageing can help achieve pregnancy! For more information: Visit: Call: 8880000909 Email:

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