Bigcommerce GP connector for B2B manufacturing enterprises

B2B manufacturing business operations, right from managing raw material suppliers to production to delivering the shipment, requires a lot more effort than one can think. Every bit of operations needs utmost accuracy and efficiency to fulfill the correct order in time.

But if both the systems are so well built, why are we talking about bigcommerce GP integration? This blog will help you understand why B2B manufacturing enterprises urgently need ERP integration. 

B2B manufacturers-their thoughts and actions

 It is not just the pandemic effect, but the B2B buyers and their buying behaviors have also drastically changed. As we see new technologies popping up almost every day, so are the changing buyer expectations. Also, extraordinary eCommerce features offered by the B2C sector have made a significant impact making things all the more difficult.

With such a broad spectrum of business needs and specifications, B2B manufacturing enterprises face difficulties providing the desired customer experience. 

However, the above solutions were tested and have not proved to work well. 

How do B2B manufacturers deliver the expected customer experience?

There are two focal points to the solution:

  • Make the most of your eCommerce platform and ERP, .i.e. BigCommerce and GP
  • ERP Integration

Now these two focal points direct to one single solution, .i.e. BigCommerce and GP Integration. Because the truth is, no matter how best in class eCommerce and ERP systems you use, they will do no good to you until they are integrated as one system. 

And no matter how you use every bit of both the systems, you may still be missing out on the wonder they can do together. 

Likewise,BigCommerce and GP are among the best systems one could leverage for a B2B manufacturing business, but if they function in silos, you would be undermining their ability. 

So, a system integration between BigCommerce and GP is the ultimate solution for today’s B2B manufacturing challenges. 

How do BigCommerce and GP integration solve B2B manufacturer enterprise challenges?

Customer experience that stands out 

B2B buyers and their behaviors are completely different because the business type itself processes differently. Most of them are not even comfortable going online unless they trust the B2B manufacturer completely. Most importantly, B2B has always required human support in the buying process where offering self-service eCommerce features is a clear demand. 

BigCommerce and GP do exactly the same by giving B2C-like self-service buying options that eliminate the need for human intervention. 

Streamlined operations


No matter what, ERP integrations ensure you have streamlined operations. One sole reason why most B2B businesses face operational hurdles is their siloed systems. It provides a bi-directional flow of every bit of information.  Right from automating customer and pricing segmentation, purchase orders and net payment terms, user roles, etc., with all OMS, PIM, or CRM systems. 

B2B Product information and e-procurement 

When it comes to B2B manufacturing businesses, it has to deal with extensive product catalogs. For B2B buyers to trust its manufacturer and gain customer trust, providing correct, apt, and complete product information matters the most. Most of the B2B businesses lack presenting the information skillfully and using it at its best. 

With BigCommerce and GP integration, you can pair your online store with a product information management system and connect accurate product data across all e-procurement systems.

Multi-level security

Online businesses, be it B2B or B2C, always have the threat of cyber-attacks. According to FinancesOnline, the global cybercrime damage by 2021 is projected to be $16.4 Billion per day, $684.9 Million per hour, $11 Million per minute, $190,000 per second. 

BigCommerce and GP integration offers multiple layers of security to safeguard your business from any unauthorized malicious attacks. In addition, it is supported with best-in-class uptime, exceptional DDoS protection, and Level I PCI compliance. 

Why do we care?

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