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It’s a fact that eCommerce platforms and ERP systems are a must, but there’s a third very essential pillar, i.e., integration. BigCommerce NAV Integration is the missing piece in the puzzle. This blog will answer all the questions running in your mind right now.

What does BigCommerce NAV Integration mean?

Integration between BigCommerce and NAV systems via cloud connector (bigcommerce NAV connector) means fixing these two systems together and enhancing them to function as one. The integration brings the best eCommerce and ERP capabilities out of these systems that offer nothing but business growth.

It enables real-time bi-directional flow of information, automates workflows with process orchestration, full data tracking and error handling competencies, and much more.

Growth Factors: BigCommerce NAV Integration

What leads you to business growth?

  • Eliminate manual data entry: Integration automates tasks between systems and provides accurate information sync and updates in real-time. BigCommerce and NAV systems are equally updated with products, customers, orders, sales data, etc. It also eliminates daily re-keying of data to and from systems.
  • Go error-free: Automation directly leads to error-free operations. Integration ensures equal to no human intervention, which makes your business less prone to human errors.
  • Well-managed inventory: Bigcommerce NAV Integration makes sure your inventory is up-to-date, be it multiple warehouses or multichannel eCommerce platforms. Avoid situations like out-of-stock and reduce the time required to replenish your inventory.
  • Order management: Process orders quickly with correct order information on both systems. It automatically updates inventory accordingly and well manages orders in peak time as well.
  • Guest customer management: BigCommerce NAV integration not only performs regular customer management but also tracks guest customers from start to end.
  • Automate financial entry: Financial data management becomes easy like never before. All the financial data stored in NAV is synced automatically in BigCommerce accurately and error-free. Moreover, the integration provides detailed financial reports and analytical data for better decision-making.
  • Save time and resources: Automation, scheduled tasks, and similar integration features save time and resources. It empowers you to make their better utilization and enables to focus on business growth.
  • Customer satisfaction: Improve customer satisfaction with accessible customer data in real-time and across platforms. Utilize customer data at its best, whenever and wherever you need.

How can i95Dev help?

Choose i95Dev as your integration partner and live your dreams of business growth.

i95Dev is a leading eCommerce and cloud ERP integration brand that has lead over 100+ businesses to grow exponentially. With decades of experience in this space, i95Dev is known for feature-rich ERP cloud connectors and the best in industry eCommerce products and services.

Contact us to learn more about BigCommerce NAV Cloud Integration Connector.

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